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Pitt Gorilla
08-22-2008, 06:54 PM

SkeptOlympics writes "A new chapter in the ongoing controversy (http://news.google.com/news?q=chinese+gymnasts+age+controversy) surrounding China's women's gymnastics team opened today, as search engine hacker stryde.hax found surviving copies of official registration documents (http://strydehax.blogspot.com/) issued by China's General Administration of Sport of China (http://www.sport.gov.cn/). The incriminating documents, expunged by censors from the official site and from Google's document cache, still appear in the document translation cache of Chinese search giant Baidu, here (1) (http://cache.baidu.com/c?m=9f65cb4a8c8507ed4fece763105392230e54f7227e8a905368d4e41dce204c413037bfa673794e5392d8242140b20a17 a2a17d247c1e68e6dd999f4aaaf1cc693bcd7a742613913161c468d8dc4755d650e44d98a40e91b8e74391b9d2a2dc5f58cc&p=882a97128c805ffc57ecd3214f&user=baidu) and here (2) (http://cache.baidu.com/c?m=9d78d513d9d431dc4f9ce3690c66c0166d43f1682ba1d2020ed68448e267504a4172a4fb792d4a4295876b6672b25419 afb52172404262eadb8e9f4aaaeecf6c388850652c01d21a4c8458b2930064dc60c70fe9ad1be3a7b863d5ffc5d3a81e0d8b&p=8b2a941786cc43f113fecb3146&user=baidu), showing the age of one of China's gold medal winning gymnasts to be 14 instead of 16, the minimum age for competition presented on her government-issued passport. Now that official government documentation is available, how long will the IOC be able to keep a lid on this scandal?" I imagine the answer is "Forever."

Lonewolf Ed
08-22-2008, 07:48 PM
The USSR were notorious cheaters and oh so impartial judges; the Chi-coms cheat like five dollar whores. This should be a shock to no one. Commies have no honor!

08-22-2008, 07:55 PM
If any of this is authentic, then I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly. That being said, I got tired of hearing about the claims that small, Chinese girls couldn't possibly be 16. I have seen 16 year old girls in America that weren't any bigger than the Chinese olympic gymnasts, so it isn't inconceivable to me that these girls were legitimately 16. Add to that the fact that I think Chinese tend to be a little smaller in stature than many other nationalities already, and that there are 1.3 billion of them to choose from, and this has all sounded like a lot of unfair speculation.

Again - If there are real documents incriminating them, then let the truth set us free, but before there were any allegations of actual evidence existing we were hearing about the Chinese cheating girls team on a nightly basis during prime time Olympic coverage, all based on pure speculation.