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08-23-2008, 08:21 PM
Went and drafted for the wife for her Wal-Mart FFL.

With 3 drafts in the next 10 days I used this one to experiment. 10 team league, one year, serpentine draft, standard scoring with xpts for FG's over 40 and 50. Went with the QB/WR first idea (8th pick) and young HB's.

I feel really good about it.

QB's: Payton Manning
Joe Kitna

HB's: Maurice Jones-Drew
Michael Turner
Jonathan Stewart (Panthers Rook)
Kevin Smith (Lions Rook)

WR: Reggie Wayne
Anthony Gonzalez
Hines Ward
Brandon Marshall (Yeah, I know.)

TE: Kellen Winslow
Antonio Gates (12th round pick!)

Defense: Steelers

K: Phil Dawson (Browns)

I locked up the Colts entire passing game, likely the best two fantasy TE's out there (once Gates is healthy,) and respectable K and D.

HB's were weak but went with the two best Rook prospects out there and the best FA HB in Turner (with a defensive minded HC and run-first mindset. )