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10-14-2000, 01:06 PM
I'm curious as to what you think gives you the edge in tommorrow's game. There's home feild, but is that enough? We beat you there once already this year.... when alot more was on the line.(for you,anyway) The "Revenge Factor" for that same loss?
You can't honestly think you're team is better...............can you?


10-14-2000, 01:14 PM
Yes- the Chiefs have a legitimate kickoffman
no more starts at the 40. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/cool.gif

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10-14-2000, 01:33 PM
The Chiefs defense. Although they have been giving up a lot of yards in the ground, have made the critical plays, keeping opponents from getting into the endzone on a consistent basis, forcing turnovers, and shutting down opponents in the 4th qtr. With the Chiefs' offense putting points on the board, this doesn't bode well for the Raiders, since they have struggled early in games. If the Raiders don't come out and score early, the Chiefs' D will not let them back into it late. This is not the same D the Raiders faced in Jan.


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10-14-2000, 02:10 PM
I can honestly say that I think the players on the field for the Chiefs are better than the players on the field for the Raiders, with the glaring exception of HB.

However, I cannot say the same about our coaching staff. I am constantly on edge, waiting for them to revert to that knuckle-dragging "we're tougher than you" crap that kills our Offense.

If our coaching staff attacks the weakness in the Raider Offense, be it on the ground or in the air, then we win.

If they come out determined to "establish the run," we will not keep up with the Raiders Offense and we lose.

Pretty simple, really.

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10-14-2000, 03:29 PM
I guess we will know the answer to that tomorrow at 4:00 EST.Good Luck.

10-14-2000, 04:07 PM
What gives you the edge in this game? We GAVE you that win in overtime after our kicker gave you three drives from the 40. It's not going to be that easy this year. We also have a pass rush now, and our offense is playing MUCH better.

So to answer your question, honestly yes.

10-14-2000, 04:22 PM
Well now that you ask .Raiders are after all only 3-18 vs KC

NUFF said


10-14-2000, 05:44 PM
Some good points here..... Some usual smack.

Head- 3-18? 21 games? Gee, I would have thought that we played each other more than that. Oh....I see.. you're using that selective memory thing.

G-man - I didn't say we had it. But know that you mention it. I feel the difference will be the running game. Just the fact that we have one and you don't. Not that Oakland's is spectacular or anything, but I know they can get the job done when needed.

Gaz - About the only position where I give the advantage to the Cheifs is TE. TG is a keeper. As for the rest........

QB- Gannon (only because he's done more longer. Not taking anything away from how Elvis has played the last 3 weeks.)
RB- Oakland. No question.
REC- Oakland. T.Brown says it all.
FB - Oakland- if Richie plays,otherwise KC.
O-line - Oakland.

Defenses are, more or less, the same. Maybe you have a slight statistical edge, I'm not sure.

ST- Do we have to talk about Kickers?


10-14-2000, 05:55 PM
Stork , I see that you have made your way over to the Chiefs board and there you go again with the "we are better than you" thing, oh I'm sorry you gave us the TE matchup. OK let me say it again. QB Elvis is better. Defense ours is better, look at the stats they dont lie. Receivers, you have Tim, we have three receivers that all rank higher than the rest you have left so in that respect, I take three against one anytime. But you will find out soon enough just how good the Chiefs really are, only a few more hours until the beating so sweet dreams.

10-14-2000, 06:02 PM
I'd take Tim Brown, but when you look at the group, give me Alexander, Morris, Lockett over Brown, Jett, Rison. You can keep Ritchie, who is a good FB, but I'll take Tony Richardson. He's a devastating blocker, who also has the abiltity to make plays running the ball.
Like you, I'm not a stat guy, but the Chiefs D is not allowing opposing offenses into the endzone, having given up 20 pts in one game as the season high against them.


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10-14-2000, 08:18 PM
The 90's I belive hold on let me look damn does not matter

10-14-2000, 08:24 PM
Although what I meant was, our offense is better than last year (when you barely sqeaked out a win), I'll debate this anyway, since you brought it up.

QBs - KC

Grbac - 12tds, 4ints, 95.3 rating
Gannon - 5tds, 3ints, 82.8 rating

RBs - Oakland

Who can ignore Wheatley's massive 2.9 yds/carry avg? Sure, Kaufman's got a 7.3avg, but he's getting that on an average of 6 carries a game.

Recievers - KC

WRs are fairly close. With the same number of catches, each trio has caught 46 passes. Oakland has 16 more yards, while KC has two more touchdowns. Which would you prefer? Dudley doesn't compare to Gonzo who has 21 catches, 254 yards, and 2 TDs against your guy's 8 catches, 97 yards, and 0 TDs.


Please. I gues it's a matter of opinion, but I'll go with T-Rich. He was starting on Dr.Z's all-pro team last year. Has Ritchie had any national recognition?

OL - draw

They've both allowed 9 sacks, neither running game is great. I'm sure if you take out Gannon's rushing stats they wouldn't be at all impressive on the ground. I say this because of Wheatley's 2.9 average.

KC's put up these numbers against teams of a combined 12-16, Oakland has done so against teams with a combined 10-19. Both teams are very close statistically offensively, but I'll take KC in KC with our defense.

10-15-2000, 12:43 AM
GMan - Like I said, They(RBs) get us the yards we need. Nothing like last year...so far. But the season is young, and your D hasn't exactly stuffed the run.
I do love TG. The guy is a stud. He scares the h e l l outta me.
I leave Jett out of it. I can't understand why he's stil in there. Must be an "Al" thing. Sure, he's fast but that's it. Can't catch worth a s***. Although he did come up with a nice pass interference call last week.

Cheif 1 - I don't understand why you get so upset,face it, we are better than you. On paper. We'll see how it pans out today. Maybe you'll make me eat my words.... maybe not. I doubt it.

I expect a close, high scoring game, with Oakland coming out on top. Let's say.....
... 34-31 Oakland. Somewhere in that range.


10-15-2000, 07:39 AM
Forget the stats.
If you watch these 2 teams play you see the Raiders stumbling and scrambling for the win. that niner game was a mess, allmost embarassing, reminded me of college ball, exciting but sloppy.
The Chiefs in the last 3 games have been presented with a situation, made the adjustments, and executed to come out with a win. In other words, we aren't relying on the other team to screw up to get the win. We take it!
If they keep this up, Look out!
I wish I could be at this game, I am pumped!

10-15-2000, 08:46 AM