View Full Version : Chiefs Donkhater: Where's the logic Herm?

09-15-2008, 05:28 AM
OK, as some schmo who sits on his couch in Indiana and watches a football game 16 weeks out of the year, I'm probably not in any position to second-guess men who have played, coached and breathed football for there entire lives over their football decisions.

Until they fail to show any logic whatsoever.

KC was a team that was 4-12 last season WITH Jared Allen. They had an old roster with entrenched veterans. Herm cleaned house, trading away Allen, their best player, and committing to play many rookies as the season went on.

So far, so good (at least logically).

Croyle was going to start the season at QB despite going 0-6 as a starter. The offensive coordinator was changed and adopted a system that fit Croyle's (and presumably Thigpen's) talents to get out of the pocket and throw on the run. If they couldn't protect them behind a changing line then they were going to use misdirection and get them on the move. Above all, they were moving away fromthe stagnant, predictable nature of Solari. They were going to find out what they had in Croyle before they made a commitment to someone else.

OK, still following the logic, and it sounds pretty decent.

Then the season starts. I brace myself for the loses. I can take that. This team will make mistakes and hopefully learn and improve as the season goes on. Now I'm asking the question:

What happened to the logic?

They go to New England, who has one of the best defensive front sevens in football and run Larry up the gut on first down and drop Croyle back in the pocket. The first decision repeatedly put KC in 3rd and long and the second decision got the QB knocked out for 2-4 weeks. Where's the logic?

THEN.....Instead of sticking with the youth mantra they start Huard? Why? What have they got to lose by getting Thigpen all the snaps during the week and playing him using the offense HERM SAID they were going to implement? Eleven straight games? We've done that with Huard and the Solari offense. TRY SOMETHING ELSE?

What? They did? They stuck a practice squad receiver at QB and ran the option? THE F*(&^%$G OPTION?

What happened to the logic? You had a plan, Herm. What happened to it? What happened to the bootlegs and the roll-outs and misdirections? If you wanted to drop back and throw, then get a QB (and O-line) that can do that!!!!!!!!

To be fair to Herm, he isn't alone among his coaching brethren. Lane Kiffen apparently wasn't even watching the game since he sent Russell back to throw more than one time. Everytime the Raiders dropped back to pass, I thought that the Raiders were certain to give the game back to KC. But in the end, Kiffen came to his senses and pounded the rock and KC into submission. He acted logically.

When will you, Herm?