View Full Version : What WR Trio Would you Start?

10-03-2008, 08:45 PM
T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ Dallas

Pro: Cowboy secondary suspect, looks like Palmer will play
Con: Has only had one really good outing so far this year, still questions about Palmer's elbow

Santana Moss @ Philadelphia

Pro: Been very consistent and seems to have good report with Campbell
Con: Not sure there is one so far

Dwayne Bowe @ Carolina

Pro: Chiefs go to option in passing game; very consistent
Con: On the road against tough defense

Lance Moore vs Minnesota

Pro: Saints' Brees is on a tear, he has to throw to someone, Minn. pass D suspect
Con: Not much history to judge consistency

Muhsin Muhammed vs KC

Pro: Delhome is hot and like looking his way even with Steve Smith available, KC has rookie CBs
Con: Panthers' OTs are hurt, Smith is available, KC's rooks looked pretty good home against Denver offensive machine

My QB is Cutler, my RB's are Westbrook and J. Jones (McGahee is ?), Witten is my TE, Prater my K, and Carolina my D. My RB's are either coming off injury or have an unfavorable matchup, but the QB, TE, K, and D look solid. What 3 WRs help put my team over the top?