View Full Version : FF Trade: Am I off base?

Anyong Bluth
10-06-2008, 09:49 AM
So, I'm proposing a trade in my league b/c I'm fairly well set in all my positions but RB- b/c I have Mahroney and McGehee starting this last week. I also have Sammy Morris, Stephen Jackson (BYE), Fargas, and Rudi Johnson.

I have McNabb & Farve and the guy I'm trading with has Portis, Addai, M. Turner, D. Sproles, & Ernest Graham. He has Rothlisberger and Kitna.

I offered him a trade of Farve, S. Morris, & Rudi Johnson for Portis.

Haven't heard back yet- but I think he'll turn it down and try to either low ball for a different RB of his or get a sweeter offer...

2nd question if I decide to go a different route: Who do think people think will end up having a better season from next week on: Brandon Jacobs or Ronnie Brown?

I thought I was being fairly generous. Farve was like 2 or 3 in QB scoring before yesterday since he was on a BYE and still is at 6 or so, and has more total points than Portis by himself- let alone the extra backs I'm giving, and it doesn't hurt him at RB really

10-06-2008, 10:14 AM
to be brutally honest, without seeing the wr's both teams have. He really gains jack squat by making that trade.

Rothlisberger will get similar numbers to favre, and sammy morris and rudi j, are worthless to him, (and most fantasy teams) they;ll likely never see the starting lineup. Your best bet is hope he hates rothlisberger and is willing to do this trade, which I doubt. You;ll need to include a good wr2, borderline wr1, to get portis. Portis is true RB1 and is approaching elite level, dude touches the ball almost 30 times a game. you'd be more likely to get ghrahm/low wr2 for favre.

Question 2 Come fantasy playoffs time, ronnie brown should be gold. Jacobs is a beast, but at most is going to see 20 touches a game, 15 is most likely. Brown generally willl see 20 touches minimum.

10-06-2008, 10:22 AM
I can't seem to get any return value out of a Favre trade. I'm thinking I hold on to him until after Brees' bye week and then try and raid some of the cellar teams.

Anyong Bluth
10-06-2008, 11:05 AM
I've got TO & Jennings, Hines Ward and Vincent Jackson at WR, we have a flex WR/TE position, and I'm pretty hamstrung at carrying any more WR's b/c my RB situation has been such a pain in the ass. I have Witten at TE.

He has Chambers, B. Marshall, J. Galloway, P. Burress, & J. Porter w/ Heath Miller at TE.

I don't get why people are lowering Farve's worth, he has plenty of options to throw to, and I don't see that changing. Having McNabb and him would offer me more options to play the matchups, but I figure I might as well gamble and go for broke- b/c McNabb is always going to be an injury concern or losing points to westbrook in scoring in the red zone.

In another league I had Manning and Warner and moved Manning in a trade for Ryan Grant, Andre Johnson and B. Griese (throw away pickup IMO) and gave Manning, R. Meatchum & F. Taylor. Again, Warner could be an injury concern, but my attitude is that maybe I gave up a bit more, but willing to gamble that Grant turns it around and Johnson does too- AJ had a big game yesterday, so hopefully that pans out, but I figure I might as well take the risk of giving up depth in case of an injury to put a starting lineup that could end up really putting up some big #'s.

10-06-2008, 11:50 AM
If you can get Portis for that, I think it's definitely a win from your POV. He probably has to part with someone like Portis if he wants a QB anywhere near the top tier now and he has other RBs so it isn't so bad for him either if that's his final piece of the puzzle.

As for your question about Brown versus Jacobs, as an owner of Brown in 2 different leagues, I'd feel more comfortable with Jacobs down the stretch just because he's the main guy on a good team. But Brown sure has been tearing it up the last couple of weeks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on him.