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10-14-2008, 12:56 AM
He was a POW.......that's right just ask Rick Davis...


Rick Davis defends McCain rallies: "He was a POW!"

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis took to FOX News this morning to defend the dangerous, out of control vitriol coming from McCain's rallies. His argument? John McCain was a POW!

"Look, Chris, I think we have to take this very seriously. The kind of comments made by Congressman Lewis, a big Obama supporter, are reprehensible. The idea that you're going to compare John McCain to the kinds of hate spread in the '60s by somebody like George Wallace is outrageous. Where was John McCain when George Wallace was spreading his hate and segregationist policies at that time? He was in a Vietnam prison camp serving his country with his civil rights also denied.

"Nobody knows sacrifice like John McCain does, and the idea that Barack Obama didn't address this issue directly, had his campaign walk out there with a half-baked statement that didn't even address the comments made by Lewis as related to John McCain. Barack Obama should apologize to John McCain directly for the kinds of comments made by John Lewis yesterday and that should be the end of this sordid affair."

What a WATB. The McCain campaign's central message is that Barack Obama is a an un-American terrorist sympathizer. Who the hell are they to complain when a civil rights pioneer rightly condemns them for creating a hateful atmosphere not seen since the tense days of forty years ago. McCain was right when he told Rick Warren that John Lewis was one of the wisest men he knows. It's just a shame that he now won't heed his advice.

10-14-2008, 01:06 AM
just get this election cycle over with.