View Full Version : Elections Top Ten Advantages of an Obama Presidency

Rain Man
11-04-2008, 10:27 PM
10. The radical left-winger conspiracy theorists will finally shut up.

9. Government jobs for everyone!

8. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their ilk will finally shut up, at least for a few weeks.

7. Less likelihood that McCain will bomb Hanoi again.

6. It wasn't Hilary.

5. After three years or so, the media will probably stop mentioning that Obama is African American.

4. I cannot be blamed for anything that happens during the next four years, and can blame others for anything that happens during the next four years.

3. Cheney can now come out of hiding and resume his music career.

2. No more holding my breath when Bush reaches toward a female foreign leader.

1. If China doesn't loan us money, we can accuse them of redlining.