View Full Version : Chiefs Thigpen awesome

big nasty kcnut
11-15-2008, 05:51 AM
He playing good and it been great to watch the games. I've been working hard and enjoying the cool weather. Also clayton lighten up on thigpen he is good remind me of a faster farve.

Ps i miss you guys. D2112 hey there hope your ok.

Ultra orton got bitch slapped and the instant classic going to wwe wth

Skip Towne
11-15-2008, 07:56 AM
Hi Nut! Where are you working now?

11-15-2008, 10:48 AM
Still haven't learned English.

The Bad Guy
11-15-2008, 11:02 AM
I love when you post.

Faster Favre? If you say so.

The Bad Guy
11-15-2008, 11:02 AM
It's like Nut speaks in engrish, yet he's an American. Love it.

11-15-2008, 11:08 AM
Does nut actually speak the way he writes? If so, I would pay to see and hear that.