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Hammock Parties
11-16-2008, 11:46 PM
Shit, I might buy a non-nicotine e-cig just to look cool.

What is E-Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are awesome. It's a battery hooked up to an atomizer hooked up to a cartridge filled with liquid. The cartridge has a hole on it, and when you inhale, it kicks in the battery, fires up the atomizer, and burns up the liquid to make smoke, and produce a hit at the back of the throat. So bottom line, you can still smoke all you want, but not die of cancer. It even lights up at the end!

Cartridges carry doses of nicotine in them (they make nicotine-free ones if you just want one to look cool), so you don't need to worry about your nic fit. Sadly, the nicotine free cartridges rarely, if ever, produce a hit, or else I would be out of smoking for good. But if you want to work down to eventually quit smoking, this is a good method.

For the rest of us who like to smoke, fuck yeah. They even come in different flavors.

Is this safe?

It's just liquid vapor with nicotine in it. It's harmless to pets, useable indoors, no stains on your teeth or hands, no lasting odor, won't turn the walls yellow, etc. etc. It's a complete replacement, unless you're somehow allergic to propelyne glycol, the same shit found in fog machines, which is only harmful if you drank a glass of the stuff, instead of burning up a small cartridge of it several times a day.

How long does it last?

A cartridge is usually about a pack, depending on the charge of the battery and hoe fast you're burning through it. If you chain smoke it may run quick, but it's still cheaper than regular smokes. Sometimes if I'm not getting a good hit I will switch out batteries and BAM, other times I will have to switch cartridges.

What kinds of e-cigs are there?

There are many varieties, but I'm going to cover three of them, i.e. the ones I own. there are many types but these do tend to be the most popular ones, forums dedicated to e-smoking cover some outlandish shit like The Screwdriver, which has a fucking C battery in it.


Penstyle: This is the most popular of the bunch. Cartridges go in the atomizer and click into place. Like the name implies, it's the size of a pen. The cartridges last too - and since they pop in and out easily, you can check out much liquid you have left. It makes an average amount of smoke/vapor and a decent enough hit. However, I've found putting a piece of electrical tape over the gap between the cartridge and the atomizer chamber gives a slightly better hit.

This is probably the one to start with if you want to try it out.


NPRO/PeeWee: This one is the closest you can get to a real smoke in terms of weight and size. The cartridges slip over the atomizer and have a small container of liquid in them. Unfortunately the cartridges take a little bit of time to get used to change - you have to push the lid where the liquid is down into the cylindrical chamber so it goes into the atomizer correctly.

The size and portability comes at a price. There is a small amount of liquid in each cart, so I wouldn't recommend this as your travel/main smoke. The hits it gives are fantastic when you have a full cart, so I would use this for just sitting at your desk when you want a quick puff or two, but not smoke a full cig. The battery doesn't last as long to boot.

I'm not saying this is a bad cig, but it makes for a nice backup, or as I said above, a good quick puff, and is more convenient. Edit: forgot that most e-cigs have a timer and won't let you use the battery if you inhale too much nicotine or if the atomizer gets too hot, and the NPRO does this often.


Loongtotem V9/Eaze Magnum: This is my favorite, by and far. The Loongtotem V9, is about the length of a 100 and the width of a camel wide. The atomizer is disposable - it's part of the cartridge. This helps make it even more portable on the go when I need to change cartridges, so I don't have to worry about tearing apart a cellophane wrapper or having that wrapper possibly rip in my pocket, drying out the cart and getting liquid on my pants.

The taste is different than the NPRO and penstyle models, and I find it better. Also the vapor production is insane. The only downside to this model is having to order spare bits from China, but even with the horrendous shipping cost, it's still cheaper than ordering from US/Canada outlets (who overcharge like all fuck).

What's this eLiquid stuff?

I haven't dabbled in liquid, but most sites sell refill liquid so you can get more life out of a cartridge. They even come in various flavors and varieties so you can create your own smoke! Pretty nifty, but I'm not that hardcore into these to bother with making my own.

Any tips/tricks I should know?

When you get a brand new e-cig, you're going to have to learn how to smoke it. You're going to fuck up and get liquid in your mouth probably (don't worry it won't kill you or cause any problems, it's not evil like accidentally chewing/swallowing nicotine gum), and the atomizer sort of needs to be "broken in" in a way. Don't be afraid to waste a cart or two learning how to drag on it properly. Drag on it nice and slow and you'll get mad hits.

Cartridges have variating levels of nicotine. I'd only recommend High if you normally smoke American Spirits or Marlboro Reds or something. I sometimes puff on a Medium if I want a wakeup call in the middle of the day at work, but mostly I stick to lows (then again I smoked Ultra Lights).

So where do I buy?

Penstyle: http://www.puresmoker.com/ProductDet...Code=CLSPENBLK (http://www.puresmoker.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CLSPENBLK)
NPRO: http://www.puresmoker.com/ProductDet...uctCode=PEEWEE (http://www.puresmoker.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PEEWEE)
Loongtotem: http://www.loongtotem.com/index.php?...gcat=51&gtype= (http://www.loongtotem.com/index.php?gOo=goods_search_list.dwt&gcat=51&gtype=)

Puresmoker ships Priority and has really cheap cartridges for the NPRO and penstyle, about a dollar per pack.

WARNING: Loongtotem is a Chinese website. Your shit will ship from China. So for using Paypal, apart from Engrish emails, they give you a tracking number, and it ships fast as fuck. The WARNING is to let you know that their site code is garbage, so you have to use Internet Explorer or else it goes apeshit when you try to put in shipping info. But it is trustworthy and cheaper than other websites.

Ignore the "shop at Smoke51" ads on Loongtotem though. Yeah, Smoke51 is based in Vegas, but their prices are just as bad as epuffer. It's still cheaper factoring in Loongtotem's $20-30 for shipping.

Hey I don't live in the US buddy.

www.epuffer.com (http://www.epuffer.com/) is Canadian, although I can't say I approve of using Canada Post to ship things. Also their prices on carts is ridiculous. I would only recommend them for starter packs. MAYBE. Since Loongtotem is in China, you could always use them as well.

If you're European, you might be able to find a local store that sells them. Head shops in the US sell the NJOY brand penstyle, but it is pricey. The difference being better battery life and a more stable atomizer and such. There are also tons of European sites (which obviously I haven't tried).

So, to sum up.

E-cigs replace smoking in every way. They still allow you to sit on the bench or in the break room and puff away. You just don't give off second hand smoke, carry a bulky pack of smokes with you, or stain your house and self or kill your lungs and kill your pets/children.

The downside being second hand smoke and normal smoking will give you such a fucking headache. I maybe have 0-3 real cigs a week possibly if my battery/cart runs out and my spares are dead too, and it's a grave mistake.

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I like listening
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thanks. I'll stick to my occasional Cigar... just to piss off all the cigerette smokers.

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That one's a lot more compact than your usual...

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I'm gonna have to check that out.