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Tribal Warfare
11-27-2008, 07:33 PM
Q&A with HERM EDWARDS - 11/27 (http://www.kcchiefs.com/news/2008/11/27/qa_with_herm_edwards__1127/)

Nov 27, 2008, 1:16:06 PM


Q: Your injury situation seems to be back as it pertains to the defense. Are you back to where you were a few weeks ago?

HERM EDWARDS: “We’ll have 11 (players on the field), we don’t know what 11, but we’ll have 11.”

Q: Jamaal Charles even in the pre-season has had some fumble issue. How much does that take away from his electric playing style?

EDWARDS: “He had a little problem in college with that, too, but he got it taken care of. He’s had a couple here. He bobbled one (vs. Buffalo) and he wasn’t having a good day with the ball in his hand. He had a touchdown pass that was nice but a kickoff was bobbled. He’s the type of guy who is always trying to make a play when he gets the ball in his hand. He has to realize the speed of this game in that when you start spinning in a crowd they come and get the ball. That’s what they did and what happened to him.”

Q: So is that what he’s doing, trying to make a play?

EDWARDS: “He’s one of those young guys who think every time he touches the ball he has to run for 30 or 40 yards and score a touchdown. That’s a good thought but you’ve got to know when the journey ends, too.

“Leggett did the same thing on a kickoff. He was trying to make an extra three yards and that’s great but you’ve got to put the ball away at some point.”

Q: This team can’t afford mistakes, so does it make you a little reluctant to put the ball in his hands?

EDWARDS: “No, it’s just like a receiver who drops a ball. You gotta keep throwing it to him. You’ve got to give him the ball and he has to put it away. The only way you learn is you have to go through it. A lot of lessons learned for this football team this year. It’ll make it better and stronger. That’s part of what happens when you play a lot of young guys. Mistakes happen, you don’t want them to happen, but they occur and you have to learn from them.”

Q: How has Tyler Thigpen been this week?

EDWARDS: “He’s been good. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it in Oakland after not playing like he’d like to play. I think that’s another thing about this football team and him personally: how we grow from that experience, how we deal with it. We’ve dealt with adversity pretty well at times as a young football team. I think this is another step in what we’re going through.”

Q: This is as adverse an environment as you can pick for a young QB who is coming off a bad game isn’t it?

EDWARDS: “Yeah, and they put a lot of pressure on you with four guys. They play man-to-man coverage so your throws have to be tight. They can take it away.”

Q: Is it fair to say that there are times where he has pleasantly surprised you?

EDWARDS: “Oh yeah, and I think his growth from Atlanta to right now, you’re talking about a guy getting better. He’s getting better. Because he’s the quarterback and that’s something you can see because he has the ball in his hands all the time, there are a lot of young players on this football team who are getting better. Our left tackle, nobody talks about the guy. He’s doing a really good job. I think there are a lot of players who are playing a lot of football for us who are getting better and it doesn’t show on the scoreboard as far as wins and losses right now, but when you look at the grand scheme of it you can’t lose sight of that. We knew that when we decided to do this it would be tough. Now, it’s been a lot tougher than we could have anticipated. But still through all that these young guys are getting better and a lot of them people don’t know who they are.”

Q: Wouldn’t a win make it a lot easier getting people’s attention?

EDWARDS: “I don’t know if it’s so much people as confidence. You want to win some games going into next season. You don’t want to have that hanging over your head like last year which these new guys didn’t experience. All of a sudden, the first pre-season game is like a playoff game. You need to win it just so you can get over that hump. That’s something we’re fighting to get done. It would be great if we could get one this week on the road.”

11-28-2008, 12:28 PM
By now everyone knows my thoughts on Herm.

But I'm not advocating tougher questions for him than these softballs, just because I want to see him fail in answering them.

It might actually be good for Herm. If he had to answer some tough questions, maybe we as the fans, could actually gain some insight.

Maybe some of his aparent dumbassery is actually justified? But we'll never know with the way he's interviewed. One softball question after another.


11-28-2008, 12:40 PM
I love Herm's Excuse Conferences.

Hammock Parties
11-28-2008, 10:39 PM
Herm putting Hali at risk just to win a game to save his ass?

DE Tamba Hali got very little practice time this week because of an ankle injury. DT Tank Tyler got limited work because of a hip.

After Friday’s practice, Herm Edwards said he expected Hali to attempt to play on Sunday against the Raiders. How much he can contribute will be the question mark because of the lack of work.

11-28-2008, 10:45 PM
Hali hasn't showed up for a game in 2 years ..