View Full Version : The Blowfish Seats: 50 Yardline Front Row $100

12-19-2008, 09:11 AM
Mrs. Blowfish is not feeling well, and as such, has said she doesn't want to go to the game Sunday.

So, for you guys who have said you'd do ANYTHING for a front row 50-yardline ticket, here's your shot.

I have 3 seats that are literally on the front row, Sec 119 between the 47 and 49 yardline behind the Chiefs Bench. The Chiefs go to the locker room after pregame warmups right below my seats, and go that way at halftime and after the game is over. There is a 6' rise from the field to the seats, so you can see over the top of the players and see the field fine. These seats are as good as it gets at Arrowhead. The offensive skill players (TG, LJ, Thiggy, Bowe) sit right in front of me. You can yell at the players, and they WILL hear you.

It will be cold Sunday, so I'm offering my three seats, plus a red lot parking pass, face value is over $300, Christmas special, $100 for it all.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail to gblowfish@comcast.net.

I'm in Overland Park during the day today for work, home to Independence tonight, can meet up afternoon or tonight to xchange. I have the tickets with me.

Thanks, Ho Ho Ho!
Squish the Fish.