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12-22-2008, 06:06 AM

And your winner is...


Tyler Thigpen, QB, Kansas City Chiefs. Before taking the reins for the Chiefs this year, Tyler Thigpen was best known for having relations with a skeleton on Deadspin. And now, here he is, walking away with the prestigious WTF Award. Miracles can happen.

Shaun Hill's got better numbers as a quarterback, sure. But he was handed the keys to the Mike Martz offense. Tyler Thigpen has been handed the keys to the Herman Edwards offense. It is slightly less explosive. If the Mike Martz offense is a Porsche, the Herm Edwards offense is an AMC Gremlin with boots on three of the four wheels and six homeless guys living inside.

Tyler Thigpen has not sucked that bad. And what were the odds of any quarterback on the Chiefs roster, be it Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, or Tyler Thigpen, not sucking this year? I give him the nod because we had seen a tiny bit of him last year, and we expected him to be pathetic. He has not been. He has the Kansas City brass thinking they no longer need to draft a quarterback. That's a significant impact on a franchise.

His 77.6 QB rating isn't blowing anyone away, but it's in the Roethlisberger/Orton/Collins/Flacco range. Not too shabby, Mr. Thigpen. Not too shabby at all.

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