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12-23-2008, 03:16 PM
*The players I highlighted in bold are his best draft picks ever according to my opinion. I also highlighted some of the players in italics whom I feel are solid players he drafted.

1989 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(4)-Derrick Thomas LB-Alabama
Rd 2(32)-Mike Elkins QB-Wake Forest
Rd 3(60)-Naz Worthen WR-North Carolina State
Rd 4(88)-Stan Petry DB-Texas Christian
Rd 6(143)-Rob Thomas WR-Oregon State
Rd 7(171)-Ron Sancho-LSU
Rd 8(199)-Bryan Tobey-Grambling State
Rd 8(220)-Todd McNair RB-Temple
Rd 9(227)-Jack Phillips-Alcorn State
Rd 10(255)-Rob McGovern LB-HolyCross
Rd 11(283)-Marcus Turner DB-UCLA
Rd 12(311)-Bill Jones RB-Texas State

1990 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(13)-Percy Snow LB-Michigan State
Rd 2(40)-Tim Grunhard C-Notre Dame
Rd 4(96)-Fred Jones WR-Grambling State
Rd 5(124)-Derrick Graham T-Appalachian State
Rd 6(152)-Tom Sims NT-Pittsburgh
Rd 7(180)-David Szott G-Penn State
Rd 9(235)-Michael Owens-Syracuse
Rd 10(263)-Craig Hudson TE-Wisconsin
Rd 11(291)-Ernest Thompson-Georgia Southern
Rd 12(318)-Tony Jeffery-San Jose State

1991 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(21)-Harvey Williams RB-Louisiana State
Rd 2(50)-Joe Valerio T-Pennsylvania
Rd 3(77)-Tim Barnett WR-Jackson State
Rd 5(133)-Charles Mincy DB-Washington
Rd 6(162)-Darrell Malone DB-Jacksonville State
Rd 7(189)-Bernard Ellison CB-Nevada-Reno
Rd 8(218)-Tom Dohring T-Michigan
Rd 9(244)-Robbie Keen-California
Rd 10(273)-Eric Ramsey-Auburn
Rd 11(300)-Bobby Olive WR-Ohio State
Rd 12(329)-Ron Shipley-New Mexico

1992 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(20)-Dale Carter CB-Tennessee
Rd 2(40)-Matt Blundin QB-Virginia
Rd 4(101)-Mike Evans DT-Michigan
Rd 6(159)-Tony Smith WR-Notre Dame
Rd 7(186)-Erick Anderson LB-Michigan
Rd 8(213)-Jim Jennings-San Diego State
Rd 9(244)-Jay Leeuwenburg C-Colorado
Rd 10(271)-Jerry Ostroski G-Tulsa
Rd 11(298)-Doug Rigby-Wyoming
Rd 12(325)-Corey Williams-Oklahoma State

1993 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 3(74)-Will Shields G-Nebraska
Rd 4(103)-Jaime Fields LB-Washington
Rd 5(130)-Lindsay Knapp T-Notre Dame
Rd 6(159)-Darius Turner-Washington
Rd 7(186)-Danan Hughes WR-Iowa

1994 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(25)-Greg Hill RB-Texas A&M
Rd 2(58)-Donnell Bennett RB-Miami (Fla.)
Rd 3(92)-Lake Dawson WR-Notre Dame
Rd 3(96)-Chris Penn WR-Tulsa
Rd 4(127)-Bracy Walker SAF-North Carolina
Rd 5(151)-James Burton CB-Fresno State
Rd 5(156)-Rob Waldrop DT-Arizona
Rd 6(185)-Anthony Daigle RB-Fresno State
Rd 7(199)-Steve Matthews QB-Memphis
Rd 7(219)-Tracy Greene TE-Grambling State

1995 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(31)-Trezelle Jenkins T-Michigan
Rd 3(81)-Tamarick Vanover WR-Florida State
Rd 3(97)-Troy Dumas LB-Nebraska
Rd 4(134)-Steve Stenstrom QB-Stanford
Rd 5(155)-Mike Pelton DT-Auburn
Rd 5(164)-Jerrott Willard LB-California
Rd 6(202)-Bryan Proby DE-Arizona State
Rd 6(207)-Tom Barndt G-Pittsburgh

1996 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(28)-Jerome Woods DB-Memphis
Rd 2(58)-Reggie Tongue DB-Oregon State
Rd 3(68)-John Browning DT-West Virginia
Rd 4(98)-Donnie Edwards LB-UCLA
Rd 5(135)-Joe Horn WR-Itawamba CC MS
Rd 6(176)-Dietrich Jells WR-Pittsburgh
Rd 7(211)-Ben Lynch C-California
Rd 7(241)-Jeff Smith C-Tennessee

1997 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(13)-Tony Gonzalez TE-California
Rd 2(47)-Kevin Lockett WR-Kansas State
Rd 4(110)-Pat Barnes QB-California
Rd 6(163)-June Henley RB-Kansas
Rd 6(195)-Isaac Byrd WR-Kansas
Rd 7(214)-Nathan Parks T-Stanford

1998 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(27)-Victor Riley T-Auburn
Rd 3(88)-Rashaan Shehee RB-Washington
Rd 4(120)-Greg Favors ILB-Mississippi State
Rd 5(128)-Robert Williams DB-North Carolina
Rd 6(181)-Derrick Ransom DT-Cincinnati
Rd 7(216)-Eric Warfield DB-Nebraska
Rd 7(224)-Ernest Blackwell-Missouri

1999 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(14)-John Tait T-Brigham Young
Rd 2(54)-Mike Cloud RB-Boston College
Rd 3(75)-Gary Stills LB-West Virginia
Rd 3(84)-Larry Atkins DB-UCLA
Rd 4(108)-Larry Parker WR-USC
Rd 7(220)-Eric King-Richmond

2000 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(21)-Sylvester Morris WR-Jackson State
Rd 2(54)-William Bartee CB-Oklahoma
Rd 3(85)-Greg Wesley SS-Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Rd 4(115)-Frank Moreau RB-Louisville
Rd 5(153)-Dante Hall RB-Texas A&M
Rd 5(162)-Pat Dennis CB-Louisiana-Monroe
Rd 6(188)-Darnell Alford T-Boston College
Rd 7(208)-Desmond Kitchings WR-Furman

2001 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 3(75)-Eric Downing DT-Syracuse
Rd 3(77)-Snoop Minnis WR-Florida State
Rd 4(107)-Monty Beisel DE-Kansas State
Rd 4(108)-George Layne RB-Texas Christian
Rd 5(141)-Billy Baber TE-Virginia
Rd 5(150)-Derrick Blaylock RB-Stephen F. Austin St.
Rd 6(176)-Alex Sulfsted T-Miami (Ohio)
Rd 7(212)-Shaunard Harts DB-Boise State
Rd 7(243)-Terdell Sands DT-Tennessee-Chattanooga

2002 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(6)-Ryan Sims DT-North Carolina
Rd 2(43)-Eddie Freeman DT-Alabama-Birmingham
Rd 4(107)-Omar Easy RB-Penn State
Rd 5(143)-Scott Fujita OLB-California
Rd 7(221)-Maurice Rodriguez-Fresno State

2003 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(27)-Larry Johnson RB-Penn State
Rd 2(47)-Kawika Mitchell MLB-South Florida
Rd 3(92)-Julian Battle CB-Tennessee
Rd 4(113)-Brett Williams T-Florida State
Rd 5(153)-Jordan Black G-Notre Dame
Rd 6(189)-Jimmy Wilkerson DE-Oklahoma
Rd 7(230)-Montique Sharpe DT-Wake Forest
Rd 7(252)-Willie Pile DB-Virginia Tech

2004 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 2(36)-Junior Siavii DT-Oregon
Rd 2(61)-Kris Wilson TE-Pittsburgh
Rd 3(93)-Keyaron Fox LB-Georgia Tech
Rd 4(105)-Samie Parker WR-Oregon
Rd 4(126)-Jared Allen DE-Idaho State
Rd 6(195)-Jeris McIntyre WR-Auburn
Rd 7(231)-Kevin Sampson T-Syracuse

2005 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(15)-Derrick Johnson OLB-Texas
Rd 3(99)-Dustin Colquitt P-Tennessee
Rd 4(116)-Craphonso Thorpe WR-Florida State
Rd 5(138)-Boomer Grigsby LB-Illinois State
Rd 5(147)-Alphonso Hodge CB-Miami (Ohio)
Rd 6(187)-Will Svitek T-Stanford
Rd 6(199)-Khari Long DE-Baylor
Rd 7(229)-James Kilian-Tulsa

2006 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(20)-Tamba Hali DE-Penn State
Rd 2(54)-Bernard Pollard DB-Purdue
Rd 3(85)-Brodie Croyle QB-Alabama
Rd 5(154)-Marcus Maxey CB-Miami (Fla.)
Rd 6(186)-Tre' Stallings G-Mississippi
Rd 6(190)-Jeff Webb WR-San Diego State
Rd 7(228)-Jarrad Page DB-UCLA

2007 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(23)-Dwayne Bowe WR-Louisiana State
Rd 2(54)-Turk McBride DE-Tennessee
Rd 3(82)-Tank Tyler DT-North Carolina State
Rd 5(148)-Kolby Smith RB-Louisville
Rd 5(160)-Justin Medlock K-UCLA
Rd 6(196)-Herb Taylor T-Texas Christia
Rd 7(231)-Michael Allan TE-Whitworth

2008 Chiefs draft class:

Rd 1(5)-Glenn Dorsey DT-LSU
Rd 1(15)-Brandon Albert G-Virgnia
Rd 2(35)-Brandon Flowers CB-Virginia Tech
Rd 3(73)-Jamaal Charles RB-Texas
Rd 3(76)-Brad Cottam TE-Tennessee
Rd 3(82)-DaJuan Morgan SAF-North Carolina State
Rd 4(105)-William Franklin WR-Missouri
Rd 5(140)-Brandon Carr CB-Grand Valley State
Rd 6(170)-Barry Richardson T-Clemson
Rd 6(182)-Kevin Robinson WR-Utah
Rd 7(210)-Brian Johnston DE-Gardner-Webb
Rd 7(239)-Mike Merritt TE-Central Florida

LiL stumppy
12-23-2008, 03:26 PM
Good post. 91 was a bad draft.

12-23-2008, 03:29 PM
this shit has been done to fuggin death.

12-23-2008, 03:33 PM
Ugh. I hate this thread.

12-23-2008, 03:36 PM
But Marty would still make a very good GM! Wait, huh?

12-23-2008, 03:38 PM
1997 and 1998 other than TG when Marty had control were utter dog shit...


12-23-2008, 03:39 PM
Kawika Mitchell? Really?

12-23-2008, 03:41 PM
Kawika Mitchell? Really?

He is a starter and still playing?

Maybe not the greatest player out there? But if he is starting something is right?:shrug:

12-23-2008, 03:42 PM
There were some good draft picks in the early years - McNair, Szott, Grunhard, Snow and Carter.

12-23-2008, 03:45 PM
it's really best to not think about such horrible things...

12-23-2008, 03:46 PM
There were some good draft picks in the early years - McNair, Szott, Grunhard, Snow and Carter.

Yep there are some good ones there but there are also so some really bad ones to....

12-23-2008, 03:46 PM
There were some good draft picks in the early years - McNair, Szott, Grunhard, Snow and Carter.

What? Snow? You don't like scooters?

12-23-2008, 03:48 PM
Kawika Mitchell? Really?

That guy didn't deserve all the shit he got...he was no elite LB but a good solid LB that would be a benefit to us right now.

He has a superbowl ring with the Giants and just yesterday game up with a clutch INT in the redzone against Denver in the 4th qtr.

12-23-2008, 03:48 PM
Yep there are some good ones there but there are also so some really bad ones to....

What team could you not say that about with drafting in the NFL?

12-23-2008, 03:50 PM
I would have put Gary Stills in italics. But who really gives a shit?

12-23-2008, 03:54 PM
This has put me in such a good mood, I think I'll go out and enjoy the weather!! Maybe a nap in a snowdrift....

12-23-2008, 03:59 PM
This has put me in such a good mood, I think I'll go out and enjoy the weather!! Maybe a nap in a snowdrift....


12-23-2008, 04:09 PM
So, according to my opinion, the King has only drafted a handful of what we could call "Good players". 3 of them I'd say are sure bets to go into the hall of fame.

25 players on my list that I like that Carl drafted. first off, D.T., Tony G, and Will Shields are his best draft picks. Jared Allen is definately his 4th best draft pick ever. He looks like a DE that is going to make lots of trips to the probowl in the future. I put Donnie Edwards as Carls 5th best draft pick ever. My reason is, longevity and consistent production. He managed to play a healthy 10-12 in the NFL, and was pretty consistent and solid through those seasons. Wasn't a sure probowler but definately not far off from one.

I'd have to simply say here's how I'd rank Carls picks in order:

1. D.T.-Sure Hall of famer and was the cornerstone and piece to this franchise for years. Definately a difference maker and key to the defense in turning this franchise around in the early '90s.

2. Tony G-Well, what can we say? Mr. Consistency at its finest. Constant production year after year. Very fortunate to stay healthy throughout his career. Blessed in that regard. He is at #2 for sure. A great attitude, with good work ethic on a bad team. but the numbers speak. 10 probowls and more to come.

3. Will Shields-Defined the guard position.. A true anchor and probowler there. Numbers speak for Big Wille multiple trips to the probowl year after year he was there. Was a true iron man, and consistent at what he did. Played at a probowl level till his mid 30's.

4. Jared Allen-Has blossomed into a pure legit passrusher. Definately one of the leagues best. A true gem found in the 4th. He'll be making trips to Hawaii for years.

5. Donnie Edwards-once again. longevity, ability to stay healthy and consistently produce throughout his career.

6. Tim grunnard-Loved grunny was a solid starting center for us for a good 10 seasons. imo one of the best lineman to play during the Kings era. definately deserves top 10 consideration.

7. Dave Szott-another good Olineman that played solid football during the kings era. szott was a mauler at guard and an anchor there for 10 years. If there is one thing the king did right, he definately built one of the best interior lines in football in Shields, grunny, szott.

8. Larry Johnson-I put him in the top 10. Would be ranked higher if it wasn't for his off the field problems that is somewhat affecting his career. I won't take away what he did those 2 years where he looked like arguably one of the best RB's in the game. 1,700 yard season w/20 TD and to follow the year after with 1,400 yards and 15 TD.

9. John Tait-I can't argue here. He is still playing some good football. not a probowler thats for sure but a solid Olineman that can start on most teams in the league. Hes been consistent and healthy.

10. Dwayne Bowe-Id put him higher it's just that hes still early in his career. Definately though looks like someone who can produce for the Chiefs for years to come.

11. Joe Horn-if it wasnt for that incident where he cheated with Roafs wife I'd rank him higher. definately had his times in the league where many could say he was one of the leagues best WR's.

12. Jerome Woods-solid player. not a probowler but sure close to it earlier in his career. he had his good years from '97-'03. injuries were the downfall to his career.

13. Reggie Tongue-solid starting strong safety for a good 5 years in the league.

14. Derrick Johnson-solid. expectations of the next derrick brooks are far off. not a probowler due to his inconsistency. but a solid player.

15. Dustin Colquitt-good snag for the chiefs in the 3rd. i have him ranked here because of the position he plays.

16. Dale Carter-good solid CB in his time. off field issues killed his career.

17. Brandon Albert-looks like a promising LT of the future. still too early in his career to be considered one of carl better draft picks.

18. Brandon Flowers-same as albert

19. Dante Hall-Had to put him in there. I can't take away what he did for us on ST during the Vermeil era.

20. John Browning-solid reserve lineman in his career. good depth guy and good value in the 3rd rd

21. Brandon Carr-good snag in the 5th. a little inconsistent, but may be worth having long term. a typical project type player imo.

22. Scott Fujita-average lber in the league. still starting. so he is doing something right?

23. Kawika Mitchell-won a SB with the giants and is starting on decent bills team. best football came after the chiefs. definately worthy of being considered in the top 25.

24. Jarrad Page-same as brandon carr

25. Herb Taylor-great depth player on the oline. surprised he isn't starting?

12-23-2008, 04:11 PM
noone gives a shit.

12-23-2008, 04:13 PM
noone gives a shit.

Dude, what's your problem?

12-23-2008, 04:18 PM
Dude, what's your problem?

12-23-2008, 04:19 PM
noone gives a shit.

so then get the f**k out of the thread no ones telling you to post.

12-23-2008, 04:20 PM
Good post. 91 was a bad draft.

Just 91?

12-23-2008, 04:35 PM
if i were ambitious enought, I'd like to see how many D lineman we drafted compared to those who were actually legit starters etc..

12-23-2008, 05:03 PM
Dude if you are going to rank them out. Dale Carter should be higher than guys like DJ and Woods, Carter started fucking pro bowls.