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01-07-2009, 11:19 AM

Updated: 01/06/2009 05:01:49 PM MST

An Ogden woman was recovering in the hospital Tuesday after she may have spent more than a full day lodged inside a vent at her home.

Ogden Lt. Scott Sangberg said an area couple called police Monday afternoon because they had not heard back from their 55-year-old aunt in more than a day. The woman's car was parked outside her home near 200 West and Patterson Street, but the inside of her house was dark and she did not answer her phone.

The couple called a locksmith to open their aunt's door around 4 p.m. Monday. When officers walked inside, they heard someone calling for help and found the woman stuck head-first down a large cold-air-return vent.

Ogden Fire spokesman Chad Tucker said the woman had been vacuuming her vents when she saw something down inside. When she reached to grab it, she slipped into the large cold-air-return vent and became lodged inside.

"Some of those older homes have larger vents," Tucker said. "She just got down too far, fell, and was able to slide in about eight feet."

It was unclear exactly how long she had been stuck in the vent when rescuers arrived, but police said her family had not heard from her in about 30 hours.

The Ogden Fire Department extricated the woman, and an ambulance took her to the Ogden Regional Medical Center.

Hospital spokesman Craig Bielik said Tuesday morning that the woman was in serious condition and had suffered abrasions and cuts.


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I had one of those Huge vents in a house I used to rent. The previous renter must have used that for an ashtray. It was pretty nasty in there.

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Would this have qualified as a ventricular problem?

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I bet she has an ostrich for a pet.......