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I think it would be appropriate to change it to,

Okay gang, as many of you know I still have friends at the highest level in the Chiefs organization and have this info to share with full confidence: Scott Pioli is the new GM. His announcement will come Thursday or Friday at the latest. Clark and Scott are working out the finer points of his contract tonight (money & control), but the deal is sealed. Also, Clark informed Herm Edwards and his coaching staff that they will be released. All assistants can reapply through Scott.

I only share this information because I'm no longer with the team and it's fun to share that a new day is dawning at Arrowhead. Scott Pioli will quickly move to clean out the front office and hire a new coach.

The only info I have on the new coach is it will not be Kirk Ferentz from the Iowa Hawkeyes. Kirk coaches his son at Iowa and does not want to leave until his son graduates.

Mike Shanahan has contacted Pioli, but I don't know any info beyond that.Or, in shorter form, Okay Gang Lounge.

That is all.

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from pioli madness... its getting painful in there, man. stay away.... getting weaker........

Chief Roundup
01-09-2009, 08:07 PM
This is Bullshit that someone is always wanting to change the name of the lounge or even the planet.

Psyko Tek
01-09-2009, 08:32 PM
now there's a name

the "THIS IS BULLSHIT lounge"

nice ring to it

and it fits

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Changing the name = LAME!

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Bull-Roar has a nice ring to it ...