View Full Version : Video Games College hoops 2k8 Citidel season

01-12-2009, 10:38 AM
So I bought College 2k 8 hoops bundled with some other previously viewed games for xbox 360, now I don't really like to get into these games, I just like to dunk the ball...score 100 with kobe etc ( I also bought nba 2k8 for cheap)

01-12-2009, 10:40 AM
So I decide to take on the legacy mode, figuring I will play it one game every day. I choose the citidal. A small schoo with an overall raiting of pathetic... So I got my ass handed to me every game the first season. I don't remember losing this much in video game ever, there was no cheesing, no plays worked ( I am not sure what the offensive set is even supposed to be as my player would come down and just throw it out of bounds) So I played this game day in and day out, recruited in the off season, for some odd reason decent prospects wanted to play at a small school with no bush for a 1-24 record coach.

01-12-2009, 10:44 AM
So I spent a month playing this game and now my first year players were getting better and my recruits were coming in I was ready for season 4 to really step it up....and i got fired. WTF ok well time to choose a new job,,, no one wants me.... I haven't been this pissed off since bad dudes locked up on the final boss. I spent the next day trying to save load the game to try not to get fired. I finally got it so I had a winning record (barely) even one a conference tourny game. Nope I still got fired. wth. Not wanting to give up, i learned you have to do the bonus drills every freaking wheek to build up players. You can always offer a scholorship and email recruits you just cant sign them. I thought you could only recruit and sign on the days that it said "recruiting period started" Now I am finally getting there, I am in season 3 for the 3rd time and I have a center who attacks the basket well and a Poor manes jj reddick that pops the trey's