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01-14-2009, 09:56 AM
Does anyone have any decent links to practice reports for the East West Shrine Game this week? I have looked around and the only useful thing I could find was this thread on the Steelers' board.


However, the guy doesn't put links, so I don't know who he's quoting. You end up getting contradictory stuff like this:

West defensive ends Nick Reed (Oregon) and Victor Butler (Oregon State) are two players trying to find their pro position this week. Both played with their hand down and as a sam linebacker. Butler was physical on the line against tight ends and has a burst to close in coverage; looks like he'll be moving to the second level in the pros. Reed's an effort player who looks like a guy without a place to play.

Victor Butler/Oregon State

The Beavers defensive end was used at linebacker today and struggled. So much so the word used to describe his play was "invisible".

One interesting blurb was:

- Kansas City scouts in Houston were a little concerned about the hiring of Scott Pioli- concerned for their jobs that is. A number fear they could be pink slipped as Pioli takes over the reigns of the franchise.

Hope these guys are still scouting and not updating their resumés.