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01-14-2009, 03:35 PM
I'm still of the opinion that you can't bring Herm back without giving him an extension (because of the recruitment of coaches and free agents) and you can't justify that extension.

That being said, what should we be looking for in a head coach. Here's how I see it:

The Chiefs as a franchise are at a point of completely revamping itself. The foundation was laid last year by Herm (gotta give him his due). What's missing is the franchise QB. The Chiefs must draft that QB this year. That also means the new HC must develop him or create an environment where he can be developed.

In my opinion, at this point, the Chiefs need to get a head coach that has not only an offensive background, but a an offensive background with a proven, successful track record in QB development/utilization. That's what drives my top 3 list which I'll give you now:

1) Mike Shanahan - I like the way Shanahan calls a game (very aggressive play caller) and I like how he's developed Cutler and how he utilized Elway.

2) Charlie Weis - STOP LAUGHING and PUT DOWN THOSE STONES!!! I don't think Weis is a good fit in the college game, but I think he would do well in the NFL game. It takes different qualities to succeed in those two arenas. Few are able to do so in both. ALOT of the development of Brady (and Cassel actually) has to go to Weis. He's also a good playcaller.

3) Jason Garrett - doesn't have the pedigree of a QB developer, but he does have a young, creative offensive mind. He's not my first or 2nd choice, but I'd be happy with him.

If we go with Shanahan or Weis, I'd opt for either Eric Price or Jeremy Bates (Denver's QB/WR Coach) as Offensive Coordinator. If it's Garret, I'd opt for Chan Gailey.

As for Defensive Coordinator I think Pioli will insist on the 3-4 and I'm warming up to the idea. That being the case, here are my top 3 candidates:

1) Dom Capers - very good defensive mind who's ran several variations of the 3-4
2) Romeo Crennel - if Capers gets the job, I'd bring Crennel in as d-line coach
3) Keith Butler - LB coach Pittsburgh Steelers

OK...Fire away

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Ummmm.....Weis isn't leaving Notre Dame.

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the Talking Can
01-14-2009, 03:45 PM
holy train wreck

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Butler - If we run a traditional 34 would be worth a look.

Capers - Would be a very good hire no matter what front we run on D. He is known for the 34 but did run a 43 zone blitz scheme in JVille for a year or two under Coughlin.

Bates - Yes I think he could be a very good hire

Price - As qb coach or wr coach yeah.

Not so much on the rest.

The Bad Guy
01-14-2009, 03:46 PM
If the Chiefs hired Weis and Dom Capers, I'd fucking kill myself.

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A head coaches success is determined by large part in his choices of coordinators. Unless the head coach is going to be calling plays, he doesn't have to be a great X's and O's guys.

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Well if we are going back into crazy-land again... I will start pushing my dream scenario of Mike Shanahan as HC, Mike Martz as OC and Al Saunders as an offensive assistant.

01-15-2009, 10:41 AM
If the Chiefs hired Weis and Dom Capers, I'd ****ing kill myself.

Really? Think about it with respect to this question:


If the answer to that question is yes, let's understand that as Pioli described the "Patriot Way" yesterday he defined a culture. The best way to replicate a culture into a different environment is to place as many people who are fluent in the prescribed culture into the new environment.

I think the reason that Mangini and Crennel failed is because as coordinators they were apart of only part of the culture (the Xs and Os). They were not apart of the player acquisition/talent evaluation aspect. That's why having Pioli here is huge. However, Pioli wasn't integral in the Xs and Os aspect of that culture. Pioli alluded to not attempting to loot the Patriots organization, so he would need to get coaches who have spent time in that culture but are not with the organization right now.

If Weis were hired as head coach, Capers as defensive coordinator (spent 2008 with the Patriots) and Crennel as the defensive line coach (or as defensive coordinator), you would have the pieces to implement the culture all the way across the board with influences on both sides of the ball.

I'm not bothered by Weis' lack of success at ND. The reality is that the college game is 80% recruiting and 20% coaching. Just because Weis may not be a good recruiter (which he wouldn't have to be in the NFL) doesn't mean he doesn't have the characteristics of good NFL head coach. As I said earlier, our next head coach needs to be one that can develop an NFL QB.