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2009 NFL Mock Draft
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1. Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
This team is a total mess, and may very well be known as the worst team of all time. The best way to fix it is a complete image makeover, and what better way than with a franchise quarterback. Stafford looks to be competing with Mark Sanchez as the top QB in the draft. The Lions received another first round pick with the Roy Williams' trade, and look for them to assess the LT, DE, or LB position with that pick. The NFL is a copycat league. If I were the Lions I would copy exactly what the Falcons did last year: take the QB and then the LT. We have done a poll on our site, and the results have been extremely close between Stafford and OT Andre Smith. Critics against Stafford, mention that no quarterback can succeed without an offensive line. I totally agree with that statement, but also agree if you have a need at quarterback and you have a chance to draft a franchise quarterback, you must do it. Solid offensive line can be added later in the draft, but there are not too many quarterbacks that are considered "franchise" worthy.

2. St. Louis Rams - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
The Rams made it pretty well known that they wanted Jake Long last year, but instead had to settle with Chris Long. With 3 premier tackles in the draft, look for the Rams to grab one of them. The decision will come down to Smith, Michael Oher, and Eugene Monroe. Right now, Smith seems be the top OT. Even Jason Smith could end up being the top OT by the end of April. Whoever it is, the Rams are going to have their pick of the litter. All four are considered franchise tackles. With Steve Spagnolo, the new head coach, the Rams could go defensive and draft LB, but the Rams add to where for so long they have struggled: the offensive line.

3. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
Probably the hardest pick in the whole first round. I believe if the Chiefs feel that Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford, assuming he is available, is a franchise quarterback the Chiefs must draft him here. If the Chiefs do feel strongly about a quarterback that is available, this should and WILL be the pick. However, if the Chiefs don't grade the quarterbacks that highly, and believe Tyler Thigpen has "potential" to be the quarterback of the future, then the Chiefs can instead draft the top defensive player in the draft in Curry. Curry would team up with Derrick Johnson to help anchor a defense that got absolutely no pass rush. But, a defense with those two in addition to Glenn Dorsey, and Tamba Hali does show great promise. But more analysis on the QB: Chris Redman showed the similar potential for Atlanta as Thigpen did, and the Falcons still drafted a QB and that decision ended up being brilliant. In a weak year for quarterbacks, teams such as the Chiefs are going to have to draft their quarterback early. So really Scott Pioli and the new head coach will have to decide this.

4. Seattle Seahawks - Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
I think if this 2008 college football season has taught us anything it is that Michael Crabtree is by far the best college football player, an has easily earned himself a top 10 draft pick. At 6-3, 215 lbs, he has the size QB's dream of. A sure handed receiver, he has shown he is more than just a product of a system. The Seahawks have suffered from so many WR injuries this past season that a WR is needed, and only one deserving of a top 10 pick is Crabtree. OT Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher are tempting as well with Walter Jones near the end of his career, but Michael Crabtree seems to be at the elite level of Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, and it is hard to pass on that.

5. Cleveland Browns - Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
The Browns have many options they could look at, but I think the decision will come down to two pass rushers: Jenkins and DE/OLB Brian Orakpo. With Orakpo, the Browns would get the perfect 3-4 OLB to complement Kamerion Wimbley, and definitely improve that pass rush that Cleveland struggled with last year. But with Jenkins, the Browns would get the premier CB in the draft and a local star from Ohio State. He is one of the most NFL ready CB prospects in the past 10 years. He combines great size (6-1) with great speed (4.40), something needed for a premier CB. Jenkins would be an upgrade over Brandon McDonald, who should do better at the nickleback.

6. Cincinnati Bengals - Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss.
If Carson Palmer is making this pick, then this decision should take less than 5 seconds. Palmer has been banged up because of his struggling offensive line, and to make matters worse is LT Stacy Andrews, the current franchise player, could leave via free agency. This pick should be either OT Michael Oher or Eugene Monroe, depending who is available come draft time. The Bengals may consider Chris Wells if he is here, but look for them to try to sign Cedric Benson in the offseason. I am a huge fan of Oher, who is known to many fans because of his story, The Blind Side. Oher can also play guard, which is beneficial as the Bengals still have high hopes for last year's pick Anthony Collins. The Bengals could also boost its pass rushing with DE Brian Orakpo, but they have invested a lot of money in DEs Robert Geathers and Antwan Odom, both were mostly injured last season. Remember, it was the Bengals' offensive which finished last in the NFL.

7. Oakland Raiders - Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
The Raiders really need to bolster their OL and Monroe would be the smart choice. But we all know Al Davis isn't very conventional with his choices and loves the athletic specimens, so don't be shocked if he takes the 6-7 DE, with 4.65 speed in Michael Johnson. However, for now, I say the Raiders take the smart choice as the Raiders have shown glimpses of potential especially behind its two RB's in McFadden and Bush. Monroe would allow Kwame Harris to be moved to RT. Because it is Al Davis, physical specimen, Michael Johnson and DT B.J. Raji are also possibilities.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars - Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
Just imagine 6-7, 335 John Henderson teamed up with 6-5, 375 Terrence Cody. Well that image went away once Cody said he was coming back for his senior year. So the Jags draft one of the most NFL ready players in Maualuga. Maualuga would instantly replace Mike Peterson. Maualuga is also a USC Trojan, which just so happened to be the same school head coach Jack Del Rio went too. You know Del Rio is a huge fan of his. The Jags could also draft OT Jason Smith, to help an offensive line that was decimated by injuries, but the Trojan is too much of a playmaker to pass on. Some would say this pick is a little high for Maualuga, but he is a game-changer on defense, and a game-changer is easily worth the 8th pick in the draft.

9. Green Bay Packers - Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas
The Packers have a great pass rusher in Aaron Kampman, but severely need someone to complement him on the opposite side of the line. This pick makes even more sense with the Packers expected to transition to a 3-4 defense. Orakpo fits perfectly as an OLB in that defense. Orakpo was the big winner this past season in college's post season awards, and with his 10.5 sacks showed why. With the Packers switch in defense, this seems like a no brainer if Orakpo is available.

10. San Francisco 49ers - Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
This decision was extremely difficult, with the 49ers with all sorts of needs including QB, OT, OLB, and CB. I made my decision based on value and depth at the position. With two elite quarterbacks in the draft, and only one left, I say the 49ers have to draft Sanchez. I know Mike Singletary would prefer a defensive player like Everette Brown, but its hard to pass on a quarterback when you have a need for one. The 49ers will try to figure out their QB position before the draft, but if they do not, and Sanchez or Stafford is available, I believe the 49ers will take him. Singletary may also be intrigued at fellow Baylor star Jason Smith. Not too often he would get to draft someone from his alma mater in the first round.

11. Buffalo Bills - Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida St.
The Bills have a few routes they could go: OLB, TE, and DE. At this slot, I believe the best value is the pass rusher Brown. The Bills struggled last season creating any sort of quarterback rush and Brown is a specialist in that. He would instantly upgrade a DE rotation that has solid starters in Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel. If Aaron Curry fell to this spot, the pick would be a no brainer, but he should be long off the board. As for TE, when you have a losing record, I usually recommend drafting other positions in the first round as there will be pretty of talent at the TE position in the next few rounds.

12. Denver Broncos - James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
RB Knowshown Moreno would be perfect here, but the Broncos have a basketball team of running backs on their roster. So until I learn otherwise, I will assume they will stick with strategy. The Broncos' defense was horrible this past season and with Laurinaitis on the board, they get their elite linebacker to help them transition to a 3-4 defense. With a 3-4 defense, the emphasis is on solid linebackers and a great nosetackle. The Broncos have their choice in Laurinaitis or DT B.J. Raji, who could be their clog at tackle.

13. Washington Redskins - Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
The Redskins' really need to upgrade its DL, and with a surplus of talent still available it is very tempting for them to draft DEs Michael Johnson or Greg Hardy, or DTs Peria Jerry or B.J. Raji, but with that surplus of talent, they can afford to draft DL in the 2nd round and focus on their aging OL and take the last of the "elite" OTs in the draft in Smith. Smith is not the household name that the other 3 are because he played at Baylor, but many say he could actually be the best of the 4. Jon Jansen is near the end of his career, Chris Samuels is coming back from an injury. There are also questions at guard, and basically if you care about your quarterback Jason Campbell you worry about his protection and draft Smith and that is just what the 'Skins do.

14. New Orleans Saints - William Moore, S, Missouri
Johnathan Vilma is set to become a free agent creating a void at MLB, but with both stud MLBs gone, the Saints fix another need: their defensive backfield. The Saints could address the safety or cornerback position with either Moore or Vontae Davis. With the Saints having the young Tracy Porter, Randall Gay, and Jason David at CB, I believe safety is more of a need with Josh Bullocks currently starting at free safety. Moore is a big physical safety, and with Taylor Mays going back to school, is now the only first round talent at the safety position.

15. Houston Texans - Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
Steve Slaton has been a great surprise for the Texans and thus they can bypass the RB. This pick comes down to upgrading either the CB or S position. With S William Moore still on the board, it is tempting, but a playmaking CB has far more value. Vontae Davis is truly a playmaker at the CB position, and even if free agent Dunta Robinson stays with the Texans, help is still needed at the position. Davis actually could be a better pro than Malcolm Jenkins who will probably be drafted before him. A defensive end to team up with Mario Williams is also a possibility.

16. San Diego Chargers - Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State
If one of the stud ILBs were here, this pick would be easy. But both are gone, so the Chargers draft a RB because there is a good chance either Darren Sproles or LaDainian Tomlinson won't be back next season. I expect LT to be back next season as a Chargers, but with only Jacob Hester as a backup. The Chargers get the bruising Wells to help carry the load for LT and keep him fresh. A few years ago this pick would have been insane, but so many teams are dependant on multiple running backs that this pick is not so shocking. Jonathan Stewart was drafted last year for Carolina, and DeAngelo Williams ended up having his best season, while Stewart's season wasn't too shabby either. Maybe, Wells will rejuvenate LT.

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17. New York Jets - Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
The Jets made it pretty obvious they wanted Darren McFadden last draft, but of course were unable to get him. Thomas Jones has been a great asset for the Jets, but he is already 30 years old. If Knowshon Moreno is available here, it would be hard for the Jets to pass. Moreno has the potential to be a superstar in the NFL. DE could be a possibility and Tyson Jackson looks to be a great 3-4 DE, but I think 17 is too high for him. And at 17, there are no QB prospects of value.

18. Chicago Bears - Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Dear Chicago Bears do Kyle Orton a favor and draft a top wide receiver. Maclin is a true playmaker, and maybe the most exciting college football player to watch this past year. It may be a toss up with him and Percy Harvin. Maclin though may have trouble returning punts for the Bears as they have all-everything Devin Hester. The Bears could also draft DE Michael Johnson or Aaron Maybin to improve their pass rush, but I believe Maclin is too good to pass up.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
Every year it seems the Bucs could possibly draft a receiver and every year I predict it, and every year I am wrong, so I should probably forget that idea. Percy Harvin or Darrius Heyward-Bey are tempting, but with the emergence of Antonio Bryant look for the Bucs to turn to their DL. Jovan Haye is an upcoming free agent and Chris Hovan is no superstar making DT a need, but Gaines Adams needs someone on the left side to complement him. Kevin Carter is 35 years old and a free agent. The pick should be made easier with 6'7 physical specimen with 4.6 speed, Michael Johnson, Johnson should team up with Adams for a much improved pass rush. Johnson has the ability to be the next Julius Peppers or Mario Williams. The important focus on the word "has."

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) - Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn St.
The Lions took the franchise quarterback with the first pick and now they need to protect him with a franchise LT, but I think this is too high with Eben Britton. With solid depth at OT, I think the Lions can take a stud pass rusher and wait until pick 33 to get the tackle. Mammoth Phil Loadholt should be available. With Maybin, the Lions get the sackmaster that they have lacked in past years. Maybin had a breakout season as a redshirt season, finishing the season with 12 sacks. At 6-4, 236 lbs, Maybin could stand up in situations as a linebacker.

21. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St.
The Eagles will look to address their OL, but with Pettigrew still on the board they have to make the pick. The Eagles don't look to sign L.J. Smith who was surprisingly franchised this past season. Brent Celek has been a dependable backup, but Pettigrew would be a major upgrade. At 6-6, 260, Pettigrew is that massive target quarterbacks dream of and I like to define as the "safety net." Pettigrew lacks the speed of an elite TE, but makes it up in being a solid blocking TE, something that QB's also desire. Pettigrew, by many draft analysts is a top 15 talent, but with not many teams willing or needing to invest in a TE, he drops to #21.

22. Minnesota Vikings - Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
The Vikings may look for a QB, but if they do it, it would be most likely in free agency or via trade. Matt Cassel or Derek Anderson anyone? The Vikings should look to improve its OL with Bryant McKinnie's future with the team always in doubt and many questions at RT in addition to C Matt Birk being a free agent. But with the athletic and amazing Harvin on the board, and with not many needs to fill, the Vikings can afford to take the playmaker. My writer, Gregory Cox, likes to point out that Harvin will be best suited on a warm weather team or team that plays indoor, which Minnesota does. With Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, and Percy Harvin, whoever the quarterback is will have a lot of weapons to use.

23. New England Patriots - D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
Projecting what the Patriots will draft is projecting what Paris Hilton will do next. You just never know. LeSean McCoy could be a possibility, but the Pats already have a handful of solid RBs. And yes, I am a fan of Benjarvus-Green. For now though, I am going to focus on defense. The Pats are in major need of help in the defensive backfield, especially at cornerback, where Deltha O'Neal started many games for the Pats, and he was cut by the Bengals, which says something. Moore isn't the tallest CB, but has great speed, and a solid cover corner. He will challenge Vontae Davis to be the 2nd CB drafted.

24. Atlanta Falcons - B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
The Falcons have been one of the best surprises in the NFL this year, and much of it has to do with its strong drafting the past few years. Players from last year's draft such as Matt Ryan, Curtis Lofton, and Sam Baker are making a huge impact. The Falcons could add to to Ryan's arsenal and draft a TE, but one spot that needs help more is the DT position and the Falcons may have their choice of the litter. Raji, is Ryan's former teammate at Boston College, and a beast at 6-1, 325 lbs and would be an instant upgrade over Grady Jackson, who I thought was receiving social security. Raji, missed all of 2007 for academic reasons, so his success this past season is quite an accomplishment.

25. Miami Dolphins - Alex Mack, C, California
Since August, I have pegged the Dolphins with either ILB Laurinaitis or Maualuga, but with the phenomenal season the Dolphins have had, there is no way either will be available at pick 26, and Bradon Spikes decided to stay in school. Instead the Dolphins draft the safest pick, according to me, in the draft in the Draddy Award winner Alex Mack. Mack gives the Dolphins the bigger center they wanted, and allows them to move Samson Satele. Bill Parcells is one of the best at the draft, this pick would not surprise me.

26 Baltimore Ravens - Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia
I have pegged the Ravens with a WR forever, and with local star Darrius Heyward-Bey available, it makes sense. But this past season Mark Clayton seems to be finally blossoming. Derek Mason has also looked pretty decent for a 35 year old. The Ravens actually may have some questions on defense with OLB Terrell Suggs a free agent, in addition to Ray Lewis and Bart Scott. I doubt to see Ray Lewis leave as he is the heart of this team, but Suggs could expect a lot of money in free agency. So expecting a possible departure, the Ravens replace him with a perfect 3-4 OLB in Sintim. Sintim actually was a 3-4 OLB at Virginia because the Cavaliers are one of the few programs that use a 3-4.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina) - Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
Just like last year, expect a run on OL and prospects drafted higher than expected. Winston Justice has been a disastrous draft pick, Jon Runyan is 34 years old and Tra Thomas is 33 years old. Youth is needed on the line, and Britton is the best OT available and last surefire first round OTs. The Eagles could also help their interior and take guard Duke Robinson.

28. Indianapolis Colts - Peria Jerry, DT, Auburn
The one position that could definitely need improvement for the Colts is DT. They kicked off DT Ed Johnson after a drug possession and tried to trade for John McCargo, but the trade fail through after he failed his physical. Also, DT Quinn Pitcock retired after 1 NFL season. With Peria Jerry still on the board, this would seem to be the obvious pick. CB is another possibility with Vanderbilt's Alphonso Smith.
29. New York Giants - Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
The Giants can go DE, OLB, or DT. Mathias Kiwanuka who moved to DE once Osi Umenyiora got injured could move back to OLB after the season. With Kiwanuka playing so well at DE, I believe the Giants will leave him there for now, and taking the athletic monster in Cushing. Cushing has actually played DE at USC, but have made his name, teaming with Rey Maualuga at the linebacker position. A relentless player, and local to New Jersey, Cushing would make sense if Sintim is gone.

30. Tennessee Titans - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
The Titans have failed to draft a receiver the past few years, even though they have lacked the playmaking receiver. Justin Gage played well against the Ravens, but he will never be a number one. DHB is physcially built to be a number one receiver at 6-3, 210 lbs, with sub 4.40 speed. If Vince Young does indeed becomes the starter next year, he is going to need a top receiver to throw to, something he hasn't had. However, the Titans still look to be a run first team with the emergence of Chris Johnson.

21. Arizona Cardinals - LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh
Hmmm, McCoy is still on the board and the Cardinals needing a RB to complement their power back Tim Hightower, this pick seems pretty obvious to me. Imagine all the holes McCoy should see in the pass happy offense in Arizona. If defenders have to worry about Fitzgerald and Boldin, how do they defend against McCoy? I don't make the big bucks like defensive coordinators do so I don't have to answer that question. The Cardinals could also take the safe, but not sexy pick, in offensive lineman Max Unger of Oregon.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - Max Unger, OL, Oregon
I had a hard time deciding between Unger and G Duke Robinson. This seems to be a tossup, but Unger's versatility to play all the spots on the offensive line gives him the edge. Unger may be the most interesting prospect in the nation because he can play tackle, center, or guard. The easiest part may draft Unger, and the hard part will be figuring out where to put him on the line. Ben Roethlisberger has been banged up a lot this year, and an improved line would certainly help.

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01-24-2009, 12:02 AM
I think a lot of these mocks try to force a QB to the 49ers. I don't think the Chiefs will pass on a QB, especially if Shanahan is here.

01-24-2009, 12:05 AM
No comment.

Other than this: horseshit.

01-24-2009, 01:38 PM
I think a lot of these mocks try to force a QB to the 49ers. I don't think the Chiefs will pass on a QB, especially if Shanahan is here.I'm not going to doubt that. A "big-time" pick for a franchise like the 49ers is incredibly more interesting than a "big-time" pick for a 2-14 Chiefs team.

That still doesn't change how shitty it is though :#

01-24-2009, 02:51 PM
I wouldn't be totally upset with Curry... just not my top choice.

01-24-2009, 03:33 PM
I don't have a problem with a differing opinion, but I think Curry makes absolutely no sense for us if you're working with the assumption that we will attempt to transition to the 3-4 starting next season (I am).

Curry would be an ILB in a 3-4, and that is not a desperate position for us to fill. If we happened to go defense, my guess is that we would look to fill the NT spot with BJ Raji or OLB with Everette Brown or Aaron Maybin.

Aaron Curry is going to be a top ten pick, but he won't be picked by us.

01-24-2009, 06:22 PM
Better pick than sanchez or stafford