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02-02-2009, 12:23 PM
Allan Clayton, Kansas nCity
If you were your son-in-law, who would you choose to coach the Chiefs?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins
Allan, who I would choose doesn't make any difference. I would hopefully get a young fella that I could grow with as the general manager, and work together and be philosophically compatible.

Aaron, Wilmington, DE
Who do you predict to win the Super bowl and what are the reasons you think that team will win?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins
Aaron, I am rooting for the Cardinals because I know a lot of their staff and worked with a lot of their staff. I've always favored defense in these games, though, so I'd have to say Pittsburgh.

Sonehal, England
Hey Bill! Big Fan! I would like to know,what attributes do you always look for in an NFL player?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins
Big, smart, and fast.

Joel, El Dorado Hills CA
Mr. Parcells, Giants fan from NYC. Why would any team ever prefer to go with a 4-3 defense when most of the great defenses have been 3-4's?

Parcells, Miami Dolphins
I don't know that that is the case. It depends on the players you have playing in either of those defenses. If you want to have success you have to integrate them in, philosophically, to both of the defenses.

Keith, Washington D.C.
Coach P. what is your all-time favorite memory as coach of any team you ever coached?

Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins
That's a hard one, Keith. I have three or four. Super Bowl XXV is certainly one of them. Super Bowl XXI is surely another one. And I noticed you're from Washington. So I would have to tell you that in the late '80s, a 52-yard field goal on Monday night to beat the Redskins when I was with the Giants, with no time on the clock, is right up there with them.