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02-06-2009, 01:20 AM


Salary-cap room for Chiefs is wide open
The Kansas City Star

Go ahead and assemble that free-agent wish list, Chiefs fans. Dream big, because salary-cap room won’t be a problem.

And with new coach Todd Haley finally in the fold, he and general manager Scott Pioli can go to town.

A quarterback like New England’s Matt Cassel? Pioli knows about him firsthand.

A linebacker like Arizona’s Karlos Dansby? Haley watched him in practice every day of the season.

The Chiefs would be able to sign both those players and then some like Carolina’s pass-rusher Julius Peppers. Research by The Kansas City Star shows the Chiefs have salary-cap commitments of about $85.6 million, or about $37 million less than the projected NFL limit of $123 million.

The Chiefs could clear plenty more cap room without much pain. Patrick Surtain, the fourth cornerback, has the team’s highest salary-cap figure at almost $9.8 million. A player’s cost against the salary cap includes a player’s base salary plus various bonuses.

Releasing Surtain, who is due a $7 million salary, would save the Chiefs an additional $3.8 million against their cap.

Two other aging veterans who also may not figure in to Kansas City’s plans, linebacker Donnie Edwards and quarterback Damon Huard, are also among the Chiefs’ highest-paid players.

The Chiefs don’t have many prospective free agents of their own. Nine of their players don’t have a 2009 contract, and the only one the Chiefs would probably view as urgent to retain is safety Jarrad Page.

Page would be a restricted free agent, giving the Chiefs the right to match any offer he would receive as long as they offer him a one-year contract.

The Chiefs might also view backup safety Jon McGraw, a potential unrestricted free agent, as a valuable player because of his special-teams skills. McGraw in 2008 concluded a two-year contract that paid him $645,000 last season.

Breaking down the Chiefs’ salary-cap commitments | D8


The top five players counting highest against the Chiefs’ current $85.6 million salary-cap commitments:

CB Patrick Surtain $9,730,000

RB Larry Johnson $7,956,191

LB Donnie Edwards $6,520,836

TE Tony Gonzalez $6,500,000

OB Brian Waters $5,100,000

Total against salary cap, including various bonuses:


02-06-2009, 01:24 AM
DJ's not a FA

02-06-2009, 01:29 AM
Wow, we can "go to town" in FA!

02-06-2009, 02:10 AM
I seriously doubt we're going to make a whole lot of "splashes" in FA, but I would love to see Dansby & Peppers here.

02-06-2009, 02:13 AM
I actually wouldn't be surprised to see us bring in a lot of new guys this year, and not necessarily 100% young guys. I don't think we're going to sign any of the major names on the market, but if the first few years in New England were any indication, we're going to look for some solid, go to work vets who can come in and set an example for the young guys on the team and fill some holes, and start trying to develop a culture of professionalism and winning here. Then it's going to be Haley and staff's job to weed out the malcontents...

02-06-2009, 02:18 AM
I'm sure there's going to be some turnover, the first thing a new GM and coach do is get some of their guys...

02-06-2009, 02:37 AM
I think you will see alot of Monty Biesel/Carlos Polk type signings.

02-06-2009, 02:44 AM
I think it's funny that the Star must resort to pieces like this one when covering the Chiefs.

It's a hard season what hard news is so hard to come by.


02-06-2009, 02:45 AM
Isn't McGraw the Hermite? I mean, his buddy and all?


Hammock Parties
02-06-2009, 02:48 AM
Isn't McGraw the Hermite? I mean, his buddy and all?


McGraw is the last Hermine.

02-06-2009, 03:02 AM
Dansby would be swell. No to the rest of those suggestions.

02-06-2009, 03:09 AM
Matt Cassell? If we signed him, we'd have to give up 2 first round draft picks to the Patriots..not gonna happen. Peppers and/or Dansby would be awesome..

02-06-2009, 07:33 AM
a lot of those people will be gone. theyre dead weight. i say we will get 2 big name game changers and a lot of filler players.
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the Talking Can
02-06-2009, 07:47 AM
The top five players counting highest against the Chiefs’ current $85.6 million salary-cap commitments:

CB Patrick Surtain $9,730,000

RB Larry Johnson $7,956,191

LB Donnie Edwards $6,520,836

TE Tony Gonzalez $6,500,000

OB Brian Waters $5,100,000

that right there tells you why Carl sucks

02-06-2009, 07:50 AM
God bless Donnie Edwards, but wtf? $6.52MM? Really?

And LJ? I can't wait to that waste of space hits the fkn bricks.

02-06-2009, 07:50 AM
dump em all except Tony G and Waters

02-06-2009, 08:12 AM
that right there tells you why Carl sucks

I'm not defending Carl but a lot of teams back load contracts. I think Carl would have gotten rid of some of these players had he still been here.

02-06-2009, 08:24 AM
Don't most teams have cap space? Didn't the cap rise more this year then in previous one's?

02-06-2009, 09:16 AM
we had this much cap space, give or take, LAST year... but I like the idea of bringing in some hard working 2 tier players and maybe someone like a Dansby... I freaking love Dansby

Mr. Laz
02-06-2009, 09:18 AM
<table class="story-table" border="0"><tbody><tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">P</td><td align="left">Player</td><td> Base salary</td><td> Cap figure *</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">Patrick Surtain</td><td> $7,000,000</td><td> $9,730,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">RB</td><td align="left">Larry Johnson</td><td> 4,550,000</td><td> 7,956,191</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Donnie Edwards</td><td> 5,000,000</td><td> 6,520,836</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">TE</td><td align="left">Tony Gonzalez</td><td> 4,000,000</td><td> 6,500,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">OG</td><td align="left">Brian Waters</td><td> 3,600,000</td><td> 5,100,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Derrick Johnson</td><td> 1,500,000</td><td> 2,965,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">QB</td><td align="left">Damon Huard</td><td> 2,000,000</td><td> 2,916,668</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OT</td><td align="left">Damion McIntosh</td><td> 2,150,000</td><td> 2,800,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">DL</td><td align="left">Alfonso Boone</td><td> 1,650,000</td><td> 2,589,166</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DT</td><td align="left">Glenn Dorsey</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 2,472,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Demorrio Williams</td><td> 1,000,000 </td><td> 2,350,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DT</td><td align="left">Ron Edwards</td><td> 1,500,000</td><td> 2,050,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">DE</td><td align="left">Tamba Hali</td><td> 940,000</td><td> 2,030,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OT</td><td align="left">Branden Albert</td><td> 493,750 </td><td> 1,768,750</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">WR</td><td align="left">Dwayne Bowe</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 1,460,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">P</td><td align="left">Dustin Colquitt</td><td> 900,000</td><td> 1,380,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">WR</td><td align="left">Devard Darling</td><td> 1,000,000</td><td> 1,333,333</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">QB</td><td align="left">Quinn Gray</td><td> 750,000</td><td> 1,150,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Wade Smith</td><td> 620,000</td><td> 870,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">Brandon Flowers</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 855,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">LS</td><td align="left">J.P. Darche</td><td> 745,000</td><td> 820,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">S</td><td align="left">Bernard Pollard</td><td> 530,000 </td><td> 795,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">David Macklin</td><td> 745,000</td><td> 745,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DE</td><td align="left">Turk McBride</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 745,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">QB</td><td align="left">Brodie Croyle</td><td> 530,000</td><td> 701,668</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DT</td><td align="left">Tank Tyler</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 635,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">WR</td><td align="left">Mark Bradley</td><td> 620,000</td><td> 620,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">Ricardo Colclough</td><td> 620,000</td><td> 620,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">RB</td><td align="left">Jamaal Charles</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 585,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">TE</td><td align="left">Brad Cottam</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 579,666</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">S</td><td align="left">DaJuan Morgan</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 566,666</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">WR</td><td align="left">Will Franklin</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 508,250</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">RB</td><td align="left">Kolby Smith</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 504,293</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Herb Taylor</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 482,918</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">RB</td><td align="left">Jackie Battle</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 460,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DT</td><td align="left">T.J. Jackson</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 460,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">QB</td><td align="left">Ingle Martin</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 460,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">QB</td><td align="left">Tyler Thigpen</td><td> 460,000</td><td> 460,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">Brandon Carr</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 433,543</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Barry Richardson</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 412,816</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">WR</td><td align="left">Kevin Robinson</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 406,466</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DE</td><td align="left">Brian Johnston</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 400,759</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">TE</td><td align="left">Mike Merritt</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 395,666</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">FB</td><td align="left">Mike Cox</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 390,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">CB</td><td align="left">Maurice Leggett</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 387,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">PK</td><td align="left">Connor Barth</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Andrew Carnahan </td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Weston Dacus</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Brian De La Puente</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">LS</td><td align="left">Thomas Gafford</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Curtis Gatewood</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">DE</td><td align="left">Wallace Gilberry</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">DT</td><td align="left">Derek Lokey</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">RB</td><td align="left">Dantrell Savage </td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">LB</td><td align="left">Andy Studebaker </td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Tavares Washington</td><td> 385,000</td><td> 385,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td align="left">FB</td><td align="left">Jed Collins</td><td> 310,000</td><td> 310,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td align="left">OL</td><td align="left">Edwin Harrison</td><td> 310,000</td><td> 310,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td colspan="2">Totals</td><td align="left">
</td><td>$80,681,655</td></tr> </tbody></table> * Salary includes various bonuses

The Chiefs have salary-cap obligations for 15 players who were released last year, including some who were later re-signed.

<table class="story-table" border="0"> <tbody><tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>P</td><td>Player</td><td align="right"> Cap figure</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>LB</td><td>Napoleon Harris</td><td align="right"> $4,000,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>S</td><td>Greg Wesley </td><td align="right">866,670</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>DT</td><td>Derek Lokey</td><td align="right"> 7,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>LB</td><td>Steve Octavien</td><td align="right"> 5,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>WR</td><td>Jabari Arthur </td><td align="right"> 4,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>WR</td><td>Luke Swan </td><td align="right"> 3,750</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>DE</td><td>Jonal Saint-Dic </td><td align="right"> 3,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>PK</td><td>Connor Barth </td><td align="right"> 3,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>DE</td><td>Johnny Dingle</td><td align="right"> 3,000</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>RB</td><td>Kalvin McRae </td><td align="right"> 2,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>DT</td><td>Maurice Murray </td><td align="right"> 2,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>DE</td><td>Jason Parker </td><td align="right"> 2,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>OL</td><td>Chris McDuffie </td><td align="right"> 1,500</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td>OL</td><td>L.J. Anderson </td><td align="right"> 1,250</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td>S</td><td>Ron Girault </td><td align="right"> 1,250

</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-even-row"><td colspan="2">Total for 15 released </td><td>$4,907,920</td></tr> <tr class="story-table-odd-row"><td colspan="2">Grand total **</td><td>$85,589,575</td></tr> </tbody></table> ** Total of Chiefs salary cap obligations

No 2009 DEAL
The following players have no contract for 2009:
DE Jason Babin
LB Rocky Boiman
S Oliver Celestin
OL Adrian Jones
S Jon McGraw
C Rudy Niswanger
S Jarrad Page
LB Pat Thomas
WR Jeff Webb

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02-06-2009, 09:23 AM
i get the feel if KC hits the FA market itll be guys who have a PHD in football knowledge and not guys who have the 6 million dollar mans legs.

just sayin.

02-06-2009, 09:25 AM
Why is there a single black dot on the left column in your post, Mr. Laz? Right above your post count?

Oh. And some of those numbers are just stupid. Surtain, DE, and LJ stand out like a Chinese girl in a stack of waffles.


02-06-2009, 09:34 AM
So Gray makes 3 times as much as Thigpen?

02-06-2009, 09:35 AM
hell yeah

Mr. Laz
02-06-2009, 09:36 AM
Why is there a single black dot on the left column in your post, Mr. Laz? Right above your post count?

Oh. And some of those numbers are just stupid. Surtain, DE, and LJ stand out like a Chinese girl in a stack of waffles.

i belong to a secret CPlanet society akin to the Illuminati

shhhh .... don't tell

beach tribe
02-06-2009, 09:36 AM
Why is there a single black dot on the left column in your post, Mr. Laz? Right above your post count?

Oh. And some of those numbers are just stupid. Surtain, DE, and LJ stand out like a Chinese girl in a stack of waffles.


The idea of a Chinese girl in a stack of waffles kind of gets me going.

02-06-2009, 09:37 AM
Locking up McGraw should definitely be our biggest priority.

But really, cap room isn't as valuable as you might initially think. Most of the league has shit loads of cap room. The real limit on spending is the amount of money owners are willing to spend in thsi economy.

beach tribe
02-06-2009, 09:39 AM
Locking up McGraw should definitely be our biggest priority.

Can't let John Stench get away.

02-06-2009, 11:25 AM
You think there's any way we could land Dansby, Peppers, and Scott/Suggs?

Doubtful, but it's fun to dream. Then we could add a G/RT, some special-teams players, and would give us a lot of flexibility with the draft.

Cassel makes me nervous. I'm pretty sure Pioli is high on him, so I'd be ok if we brought him in, but please don't give up a boatload to do it.

02-06-2009, 11:30 AM
Teicher's doing the same thing Whitlock did. Doing everything in his power to get the fans on his side.

Go ahead and assemble that free-agent wish list, Chiefs fans. Dream big, because salary-cap room won’t be a problem.

Casual fans will read this as the Chiefs are going to be aggressive in FA, when in all actuality, they won't be - at least not when it comes to the big names that "fans" want.

So when the Chiefs sign a bunch of Tier 2/3 FA's, just like Clark and Pioli said they would, everyone throws a fit. "WTF? We have all this cap space, and we sign a bunch of scrubs?"

02-06-2009, 11:35 AM
We could bitch about Carl Peterson till the end of time but he did leave the Chiefs in great shape to start over. Tons of cap to spend and a newly referbished stadium.


02-06-2009, 11:36 AM
I know, I know. We won't be targeting the "big-names", but dang I wish we could address our LBs / DL in FA and grab a couple impact players that are available.

02-06-2009, 12:22 PM
How in god's name does Devard Darling make that much money? What is that, like $400,000 per catch?

02-06-2009, 12:24 PM
Why is there a single black dot on the left column in your post, Mr. Laz? Right above your post count?

Where else! What with JerodDenny firing all those shots in the "Bernard Pollard on 810" thread, they gotta land somewhere.

...looking where the other shots landed.