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From Jon R.:

Both yourself and Matt McGuire have the Chiefs selecting USC QB Mark Sanchez with the third pick in the draft. I want to say that I respectfully completely disagree with this projection and here is why.

For starters Sanchez has a grand total of I believe 487 pass attempts under his belt at USC and one year of starting experience. Quarterbacks are the position that is the biggest gamble in the draft and the only accurate predictor has been college experience, and even that isn't a perfect measurement. Sanchez has a high upside but can very easily bust and the Chiefs are in enough trouble as a franchise as it is can they afford to set themselves back that much further by missing on a top 3 QB.

Next, Tyler Thigpen, he played well enough to deserve a chance next season, every QB goes through growing pains and Thigpen had his last season but the turnovers will go down with his progression. Also, consider Pioli's psyche. He did not draft quarterbacks high, granted he had Bledsoe and Brady but still, him and Belichick built their dynasty by drafting defense.

Pioli has worked in the 3-4 obviously but considering the draft of Glenn Dorsey #5 just a year ago I can't imagine the Chiefs running a 3-4 next season because Dorsey won't fit, leaving Aaron Curry as a great pick for a 4-3 defense.

Lastly, with the huge contracts these top three picks get and the high chance Sanchez could bust, the Chiefs owner might be gunshy to invest so much money on someone like Sanchez when Curry is a MUCH safer pick. Add it up and Sanchez is not the Chiefs pick, with Curry as the leading candidate and one of the tackles in 2nd place.

My Response:

Thanks for the e-mail, but I have to disagree.

You say a QB pick is a gamble. Every NFL Draft pick is a gamble. Look at all the offensive linemen who failed. There is no such thing as a safe pick.

I like Thigpen myself, and I think he deserves a shot. Look, if I were managing the Chiefs, I'd let Thigpen go for 2009. But it's not going to happen. The Chiefs are in a new regime. You have no idea how many Falcon fans e-mailed me last year and said, "There won't be a QB taken third overall!" Well, it happened. Atlanta had a new regime in place, just like KC.

You can't look at draft history. For example, the Patriots had never drafted a linebacker high before last April. Lo and behold, they selected Jerod Mayo 10th overall. Why would Pioli draft a QB when he had Bledsoe and Brady? He would be crazy to do so, and if he did, he probably wouldn't have a job right now.

Belichick built his dynasty with Brady, and surrounded him with a great offensive and defense. Without Brady, there's nothing. The Patriots couldn't even make the playoffs this season.

Curry is very unlikely to be drafted third overall. Only one linebacker has been taken in the top three picks since 1998. That guy was a bust (LaVarr Arington). The linebacker position is just not a highly valued position in the NFL, compared to quarterback, offensive tackle and defensive end.

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