View Full Version : Chiefs Cassel had a say in where he was going.

02-28-2009, 01:13 PM
There may have been other teams willing to give up more than a second rounder for Cassel.

He had already signed his tender. With next year being an uncapped year, he will revert to a restricted free agent. Which means he can't negotiate a new deal, but would be entitled to a raise over the franchise tag this year.

Cassel played his hand beautifully by signing the tender immediately.

Every team wants to sign him to a new deal, and he can dictate where he wants to go.

Now... the Chiefs happen to have his old GM who has built championships in NE. They play in a great stadium with great fans. Oh, and he is almost guaranteed a starting job.

Cassel's desire to come here had as much to do with this as what other teams were willing to give up.

The same way Trent Green dictated things when he was traded, Cassel probably helped guide this process.