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My first mcribb
first fell in love with the mcribb back in 1992. I was 10 years old Fine youn cannibles were still on the top 40 charts. A young upstart president named Bill Clinton was winning our hearts and vagina's over with is smoothness. It was that very day where my grandpa.......Grandpa Demon took me down for a treat, but back then mcdonalds wasn't on every street corner like they are today. "Demon? do you want mcdonalds?: My grandpa said softly to me while I was waking up. YAY! I yelled out. "Well hurry up and grab your shit because I am leaving" grandpa grumply said with the unmistaken smell of jack daniels on his breath. So then began the journey. The journey of wonder and excitement that was sure to end with grandpa spanking me for spilling Orange Crush soda. So we began to drive.. we drove and drove and drove so long infact we almost made it to the 3rd song on the christain radio network. As I got out of the truck my 200 pound frame almost jumped at excitement when I saw a 2 by 2 foot cardboard cd cutout of a new and exciting product. "Whats that?" I said to grandpa. "those are jews" Grandpa replied."No whats that on window?" "Well I don't know but I guess we are going to find out.As I ordered my first mcrib I began to get nervous and I could barely speak to the man taking my order.So my grandpa with love ordered for me "Sorry...he is retarded.... we will take 2 mcribbs and fry's. As the next hour flew by with wonder, amazement and a hardy ass beating" I knew that my life was changed forever. Now even today, I can take my kids to get a mcribb and talk to my theropist about those wonderful days wtih grandpa.

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Penz should do standup. Either that, or he should get an editor and write out some funny short stories in an anthology.

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You just pulled a post #166 card?!?


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Classic Penz right there. Classic. The snugga snugga makin you bounce.

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His long john silvers story is by far my favorite. Who doesn't get pissed when they rip you off and hold the more on the fish and more?