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Pulled this from fox sports. I thought it was pretty good.

20 Cory Lidle

Just days after the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs in 2006, pitcher Cory Lidle perished when his plane crashed into a 72nd Street Manhattan apartment. Lidle and his co-pilot died in the crash. Pilot error was blamed for the incident, and an investigation concluded that a crosswind may have affected Lidle's ability to guide the plane. He was survived by his wife, Melanie, and six-year-old son Christopher.

19 Bobby Phills

Former NBA player Bobby Phills spent several years in Charlotte before dying in a car crash involving his teammate David Wesley on Jan. 12, 2000. Phills' No. 13 was the first number ever retired by the Hornets franchise.

18 Bison Dele

Dele, born Brian Carson Williams, was likely the victim of one of the most bizarre episodes in sports history. He was believed to have been murdered at sea by his brother in 2002. On a sailing trip in the South Pacific, Dele's older brother Miles Dabord (born Kevin Williams) was the only one on the excursion to return alive. He later used his brother's signature to buy more than $150,000 in gold and used his brother's passport as identification. The boat from the infamous sailing trip was later found with its plates removed and bullet holes patched. Authorities surmised that Dabord killed his brother, his brother's girlfriend and the captain of the ship, then threw their bodies overboard. Dabord later intentionally overdosed on insulin, slipped into a coma and died.

17 Darryl Kile

When Darryl Kile failed to show up for a pregame warmup in 2002, a St. Louis Cardinals employee checked his hotel room and found Kile dead in his bed. A 90 percent blockage in two coronary arteries was blamed.

16 Dan Snyder

Thrashers center Dan Snyder was just 25 when he died from injuries suffered when teammate Dany Heatley's Ferrari crashed into a wall. Snyder was in a coma for six days before his death on Oct. 5, 2003.

15 Ken Caminiti

Ken Caminiti's downward spiral after his baseball career ended in 2004 when he died of an apparent heart attack brought on by a drug overdose. The 1996 MVP was also the first prominent player to admit using steroids during his playing career

14 Donnie Moore

Donnie Moore, a relief pitcher for the Angels, gave up a crucial home run to the Boston Red Sox in Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS. Though the Halos still held a 3-2 lead in the series after the Game 5 loss, Moore was made the scapegoat when the Red Sox went back home to Fenway and won the next two games to reach the World Series. Three years later, with his baseball career in decline and suffering from drug and alcohol abuse along with depression, Moore got into an argument with his wife and shot her three times in front of their three children. Though his wife would escape and survive, Moore shot and killed himself in front of one of his sons.

13 Reggie Lewis

Reggie Lewis had become a certified star for the Celtics when he collapsed on the court and died during an offseason practice in 1993. He was 27.

12 Steve Prefontaine

Long-distance running phenom Steve Prefontaine died at age 25 in a 1975 auto accident after he hit a rock wall and was trapped under his MGB convertible.

11 Chris Benoit

The death of the veteran professional wrestler brought a renewed focus on steroids in the sport; many suspected his death was a consequence of so-called 'roid rage. On June 25, 2007, Benoit, his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their home, with Bibles near the bodies of his wife and son. The deaths were eventually ruled a murder-suicide, with the thinking that Benoit had killed Nancy and Daniel a day or two before taking his own life.

10 Reggie White

The "Minister of Defense" stirred some controversy after leaving the NFL, but Reggie White was mourned as a legend when he died on Dec. 26, 2004, of a fatal cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 43.

9 Florence Griffith-Joyner

Florence Griffith-Joyner, better known as FloJo, suffocated in her pillow after suffering an epileptic seizure in her sleep on Sept. 21, 1998. The three-time gold medalist track star was just 38 years old.

8 Korey Stringer

Stringer, one of the most well-liked players in the NFL, died of heat stroke during the Minnesota Vikings' training camp in 2001. The 27-year-old lineman had just come into his own as a football player, making his first Pro Bowl the season before. Stringer's example further alerted NFL teams to the dangers of summer practice sessions, and affected the way in which teams conduct their training camps.

7 Thurman Munson

Munson's death dealt a stunning blow to the Yankees and Major League Baseball. A 7-time All-Star, 3-time Gold Glove winner and the 1976 AL MVP, Munson was 32 and in the prime of his career. The Yankees catcher was taking flying lessons in Ohio on Aug. 2, 1979, when he made a pilot error trying to land his small plane. The Cessna clipped a tree, missed the runway, crashed into another tree stump and burst into flames, killing Munson.

6 Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman shocked fans when he gave up a promising NFL career to join the U.S. Army in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. He died under friendly fire in Afghanistan in an incident that has drawn several investigations.

5 Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart, known as much for his old-school golf garb as for his great play on the course, was a three-time major championship winner on the PGA Tour. Stewart's final major, the 1999 U.S. Open, came in a classic finish in which he sank a 15-footer for par on the 72nd hole to beat Phil Mickelson by a stroke. The two embraced on the final green, with Stewart easing the blow for Mickelson, telling the lefty, "You're going to be a father." Mickelson's wife was expecting their first child at the time. Just four months later, the world watched in horror as Stewart's Learjet cruised pilotless through the sky after the plane suffered a loss in cabin pressure. All six people on board perished.

4 Sean Taylor

He was only in his fourth season, but Sean Taylor had already established himself as one of the best and most feared safeties in the NFL. But on Nov. 26, 2007, as Taylor was home recovering from an injury, he was fatally wounded when he was shot in his upper leg during a botched robbery. Though he was air-lifted to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, Taylor lost too much blood and died the next day.

3 Roberto Clemente

One of the game's all-time greats, Clemente was a 12-time All-Star, a 12-time Gold Glove winner, the 1966 NL MVP and the 1971 World Series MVP. Well known for his charity work, in December 1972 he sought to go to Nicaragua to deliver aid to earthquake victims. The plane he chartered had a history of mechanical troubles and was overloaded by 5,000 pounds. It crashed off of Puerto Rico shortly after takeoff. His body was never found.

2 Len Bias

Bias had all the potential in the world. A superstar at the University of Maryland, he was selected 2nd overall in the 1986 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics. But 48 hours later Bias was dead, the victim of a fatal cardiac arrhythmia that resulted from a cocaine overdose. Bias was just 22 when he died in his dorm room.

1 Dale Earnhardt Sr.

One of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, "The Intimidator" is still the most beloved figure in the sport. His tragic 2001 death came on the final lap of NASCAR's biggest event - the Daytona 500. NASCAR President Mike Helton was forced to deliver one of the most tear-jerking announcements a man could make: "After the accident in Turn 4 at the end of the Daytona 500, we've lost Dale Earnhardt." To this day, flags for the black No. 3 can be found at every NASCAR race.

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DT snubbed again (seriously over barely known or remembered hockey and basketball players?)

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That Payne Stewart one was weird.

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Where the fuck is Joe Delaney?

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No JV Cain? I remember him dying durings of a heart attack during the Cardinals training camp. Good player too.

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Where the **** is Joe Delaney?

No kidding

Tiger's Fan
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Where the **** is Joe Delaney?

Heros don't get any respect. Just morons that off themselves, and drug addicts.

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No Lyle Alzado?

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That Payne Stewart one was weird.
Not as weird as that Bison Dele thing.

Denver Dave
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DT snubbed again (seriously over barely known or remembered hockey and basketball players?)

DT, Joe Delaney and Jerome Brown were the most glaring omissions.

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I don't really understand what was really "shocking" or "tragic" about Reggie White's death.

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Tim Crews and Steve Olin of the Indians pretty much decapitated on a boat.


Skip Towne
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JimTyrer and Mack Lee Hill

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12 Steve Prefontaine

Long-distance running phenom Steve Prefontaine died at age 25 in a 1975 auto accident after he hit a rock wall and was trapped under his MGB convertible.

Go Pre.

03-04-2009, 06:53 PM
I don't really understand what was really "shocking" or "tragic" about Reggie White's death.Just the fact that he was only 43, I guess.

Denver Dave
03-04-2009, 06:58 PM
I don't really understand what was really "shocking" or "tragic" about Reggie White's death.

He did pass away unexpectedly in his sleep. It wasn't like White had a known illness or medical disorder.

I understand that NFL linemen are a high-risk group, but this came out of the blue.