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Now that Terrell Owens is a free agent, this breaks down the odds of his landing with various potential suitors.

Oakland Raiders: 2-1

This makes the most sense. Raiders owner Al Davis has a history of gambling on reclamation projects and castoffs, with varying degrees of success. Jim Plunkett, Bill Romanowski and Randy Moss are just a few of the retreads the Raiders have brought in throughout the years. Ultimately, how could Davis resist a potential lineup of Owens at wideout, Darren McFadden at tailback, Michael Vick at quarterback and JaMarcus Russell at left tackle?

Washington Redskins: 5-1

Redskins owner Dan Snyder loves to sign star players, even if they're on the downside of their careers. Deion Sanders. Dana Stubblefield. Jeff George. Bruce Smith. Jeremiah Trotter. Jason Taylor. Shaun Alexander. (Stop us anytime.) Snyder probably would enjoy nothing more than watching Owens put up Pro Bowl numbers in a Washington uniform, if for no other reason than to get the better of buddy Jerry Jones. This also would give Owens and DeAngelo Hall a chance to renew acquaintances.

New York Giants: 8-1

The Giants appeared destined to repeat as Super Bowl champions until troubled receiver Plaxico Burress derailed the team's fortunes with his infamous self-inflicted shooting. It could be tempting to replace Burress with Owens while the championship window remains open. Say what you will about T.O., but at least he hasn't been disgruntled from day one.

Baltimore Ravens: 10-1

The Ravens already attempted to acquire Owens once, unsuccessfully trying to swing a trade before the 2004 season. Also, the Ravens could use someone to stretch the field opposite Derrick Mason. By the way, T.O., Mr. Lewis would like to have a word with you.

Tennessee Titans: 15-1

Justin Gage led the Titans with a mere 651 receiving yards last season, so this team obviously is in desperate need of a legitimate No. 1 receiver for it to reach the next level. Owens has a connection to the area, having played his college ball at Chattanooga. Plus, Tennessee already has a coach in place to work with T.O. on dropping the ball.

Philadelphia Eagles: 20-1

Owens could be the missing playmaking wideout that has kept this team from winning a championship.

Cincinnati Bengals: 100-1

Let's just say the Bengals haven't been afraid to bring in disruptive players in the past. We at Page 2 are drooling over the potential material an Owens-Chad Ocho Cinco partnership would provide.

Calgary Stampeders: 150-1

Should Owens decide to reboot his image north of the border, the defending Grey Cup champions could send out an imposing duo of Cowboys castoff receivers in T.O. and Ken-Yon Rambo, who led the Canadian Football League with 1,473 receiving yards in 2008. Plus, as long as Todd Bertuzzi is with the Flames, T.O. will never be called the biggest blockhead in town.

Dillon Panthers: 200-1

Here's a team that actually seems to thrive on drama, and even at 35, Owens could easily pass himself off as younger than star running back Tim Riggins.

Dallas Mavericks: 500-1

No need to relocate and when was the last time Dirk Nowitzki got up like this?

New York Yankees: 1,000-1

Can he fill in at third base for a few months?

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As long as it's not KC, I don't care what he does.

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Canada would be hilarious.

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spot on. Faiders. 2-1

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OOhhhhhh, THE T.O. ????? :doh!: