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03-20-2009, 06:10 PM
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I know this is probably not much of a news flash, and I dont have a real focus for this rant, but I just couldnt believe it when I heard about this incident.

The specific idiot in question is Stephen Lynch, who is some populist jerk from Massachusetts who can't be bothered to fully educate himself before directing some fake anger at a guy who really doesn't deserve it to score political points at home.

The current AIG CEO (Ed Liddy) was enjoying retirement six months ago after a long successful career at Allstate with what is by all accounts a solid ethical reputation. When AIG went bust and the feds had to sink billions of our tax dollars into it, we tossed out the old CEO and basically called up and begged this man to come out of retirement, taking one of the biggest challenges imaginable. His job is to wind this company down to a managable level, sell off unnecessary assets, and try to get as much of our tax dollars paid back as possible Oh yeah, and he is supposed to do all of this for no pay. He obviously wasnt involved in the mess that started AIG's downfall, and didn't create the company's bonus structure which was crafted in early 2008.

Aside from being under oath and having to answer questions posed to him, I don't see why Liddy, who has absolutely no stake in this, no salary, stock options, bonus, compensation of any kind, just basically working for free coming out of retirement to do a favor to the US government right now should take this man's crap. I would have bluntly asked this righteous bozo if he wanted the job because I am about to quit.

03-20-2009, 07:45 PM
Oh that's a Masshole.