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03-26-2009, 10:07 AM
The purpose of our Progressive movement is to instill enormous guilt among wealth creators, causing them to give their money to us voluntarily . Think of guilt as secondary taxation. While the government extracts the first round of money by taxing a limited number of activities by wealth creators (with the help of a mind-numbing tax code), the imposition of guilt allows us to extract the remaining money in virtually unlimited amounts by associating guilt with the broadest range of activities - from what you eat to how big your toilet tank is. Most of you are guilty merely for breathing air, and the number of victims suffering from your noxious CO2 exhaust is unlimited - from the whole planet Earth to endangered microscopic communities of bacteria that thrive collectively on dead bodies and whose existence you are jeopardizing by selfishly staying alive.

The objective of the Progressive movement is to force a change in the society so that we no longer have to wait around for voluntary contributions from the guilty. Instead, we will forcibly extract as much money as we deem necessary to maintain and advance Progress™, which is our brand name for systematic wealth extraction. A planned extraction facilitates control over the guilt-ridden masses by well-meaning Party apparatchiks and a more seamless central planning of state-run economy in the name of the Common Good™, which is our brand name for state-run economy. And since everything that is being done for the Common Good™ automatically becomes a historically inevitable necessity, it is absolutely necessary to take the power away from wealth creators and give it to wealth distributors.

Our Strategy
Stimulate the feeling of guilt in wealth creators no matter how much money they've already given us. The more guilt, the bigger the contributions. Studies by Progressive think tanks have shown that there is no limit to the amount of guilt that can be injected, so to speak, under the skin of a single person. If the Obama election campaign is any indication, a properly conditioned guilt-ridden taxpayer can be driven into a distributive frenzy, stripping his children of inheritance and responding to a liberal fundraiser with a donation that would make the IRS look like a bunch of rookie panhandlers. And the best part is that we don't even need to maintain anything as big and costly as the IRS: we simply carry our infiltration of existing media, educational, and entertainment establishments to the next level. Correct, scientifically calculated strategy can make any corporate pencil-pusher feel guilty just for sitting in his chair all day when he could be out there in the streets with a shovel, joining the socially conscious masses in digging trenches for the Common Good™.

Our Tactics
Organize and coordinate guilt-instilling thematic campaigns, guilt marathons, and guilt drives that touch on race, war, oil, environment, gay issues, male chauvinism, Islam, globalization, the income gap, homelessness, and so on. Studies show a consistent increase in the amount of money flowing from the pockets of the guilty to Progressive organizations during such established and popular guilt drives as Earth Day, Hiroshima Day, Black History Month, Gay Pride Parade, International Women's Day (celebration of communist Klara Zetkin's birthday), Columbus Day (the genocide of Native Americans), etc.

Best Practices
Soviet collective farmers, stripped of land and the products of their labor, were made to feel extremely guilty for still not giving enough to the people's government. A thought-control campaign of such epic proportions was brilliantly accomplished by means of guilt-instilling techniques perfected by the state-run education and the state-owned media and entertainment subsidiaries. We are aiming to achieve the same perfection with the American readers of the People's Cube, starting with owners of the outdated bourgeois non-red Rubik's cubes.



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I did one of those and Direckshun answered Marxist on all of them except maybe one. Even Logical answered at 50+ % something.

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I did one of those and Direckshun answered Marxist on all of them except maybe one. Even Logical answered at 50+ % something.

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