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05-06-2009, 08:48 PM
Given that this forum was conceived as a way of remembering Logical, it seems only fitting that his description of the Planet's history be one of the first posts here.

OK kiddies gather round for the lore of ChiefsPlanet is soon to abound.

Once upon a time in the mid 90s many, many of us like the Senator, Logical, Titus and even ole mean DEnise all posted together in an incarnation of the Star BB that was formatted much like todays Planet. We were a hardy group who harbored much anger and venom and we would fight the nights through. As time wore on our numbers grew and a bond did seemingly develop.

Then lo one night the evil witch Becky suddenly set to banning people for political speech in her forum. Many a poster thought it was at the bequest of the Evil DEnise but she doth deny it but defend Becky mightily did she. Soon the regulars were being banned right and left and lo came a savior nigh onto us with an initial parry to Russ (KCWolfman) and a few other. Lo the Planet was born and things were good and a mass exodus did ensue in 2000 August the year AD.

Now the story is told that the wicked DEnise claimed she would never post here, though I have never been able to document its truth, this is a widely held rumor of truth. For many months DEnise only made a token appearance and went back to the Star to lay claim to her now lonely throne, where only the n00Bs and trolls did now roam. All went well until behold technical problems with server volume did raise an ugly head.

Thence Pigskin Park/Pen was doth conceived and rivaled this board for usage and steam. Now the Star BB did shut itself down and an influx of poster at both the Planet and Park did begin and grow and grow did each board rise.

Now it is told that the Park had and Planet had many dual members but for its technical problems was the Planet Noted.

Meanwhile at the Park their arose a clamor by Gaz and DEnise of separation of political matter. As both were mods the owner did listen and split said board into two forums (sound familiar). Well lo and behold traffic in the sports forum began to dwindle while posting was soaring at the Pen we did quibble.

Well DEnise, and Jamie and Thomas and Logical too fought to the degree it killed the Pen too. Away, away, away went all back to the Planet with a better server to boot.

Together we did post in vastness and health while the BB did grow exponentially as well. Then one foggy fall day to what to our wonder cries did appear but that mean ole gal DEnise did appear. Came struggles and bitterness but a community was still built and it seemed nothing could ever be better than the Planet. Then came the evil, evil elections and what even the mean DEnise could not accomplish those elections did and the fabric of the Planet was ripped like a quilt.

A cry came anew from you will never guess who, sayeth Gaz we need to have a separate forum. Now much crying and screaming did ensue, we will ruin the Planet like was done to the Park.

Many votes were held and still no change when suddenly there came a poll with a story like thunder. Big Daddy switched sides and said yeah we need the separation and finally it happened the separation passeth.

Time wore on and survived we did, yet this was not enough to quiet the masses. Take that DC from sight they said and gone wad the DC link forthwith.

Now you have arrived at the time of today and we look forward each day to a new server. Because through it all we have endure the technical problems because in the end we have been a community and that has held us together.

I know this was not great literature but I have told this story so many times I had to do it different just to amuse myself.

05-07-2009, 12:47 PM
ROFL....ahhh the memories...one other thing I can't remember was when the spam fest happened on the old star board. For a few months that board was damn near unusable(pre CP I'm fairly certain), because random trolls would register and post the same post 500+X over and over again to where you could never find a relevant post.

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Thank you Jim. May you lurk in peace.

07-12-2009, 12:58 PM
RIP Jim, Miss you :(

Every evening I post on here I still expect to see you post something to give me crap.:doh!:

Not only did the Planet lose one of it's truly great posters, but the world lost a very good man.