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Mr. Arrowhead
06-11-2009, 02:42 PM

Q&A with TODD HALEY - 6/11
Jun 11, 2009, 2:42:28 PM

OTA #9

TODD HALEY: “We just completed another OTA. We had one Tuesday where we actually got to practice something that will probably come up in training camp and the year. We started outside and the storms came so we got to go inside which was really the first time since the first mini-camp practicing inside. That will be an important factor for us being able to practice well inside without getting guys beat up. We were able to go through all of that on Tuesday when you guys weren’t here and today we installed two-minutes. We got to run our two-minute drill with two groups. We feel like we are making progress. We had a good run after practice and we will continue to work that side of it.”

Q: Are guys learning from their mistakes on the practice field?

HALEY: “I think it would be good if everything went well all of the time. We had the discussion about drops the other day and obviously during the two-minute drill the offense tipped one to the defense and that was opportunistic by the defense to make a play to stop the drive and maybe win the game. Conversely, offensively we cannot bat the ball to the other team, we just absolutely cannot. I feel like we made a lot of progress Tuesday offensively and we kind of took a step back today. This is after a day off and conditions not being ideal with a wet field, but we have to learn how to compete and execute in all types of conditions. That is why I mentioned going inside after our entire setup being outside and having to move indoors (on Tuesday). That is a distraction, we moved on and I was encouraged how we handled that. Now today I kind of feel like we made a step back. Bad things are never good, but we will point them out.”

Q: Can you find out some things about a guy’s football IQ inside the two-minute drill?

HALEY: “Obviously so many of these games are coming down to the last two minutes. The games are being decided by three points or less a large percentage of the time and seven points or less an even greater percent of the time. The games are going to come down to the wire a lot of the time and one of the things we are trying to get done around here is that we want to be a situational smart team that doesn’t beat itself in those situations and comes out on top. The two-minute is a very telling drill to me and it was our first time going through it. They have plays to remember. The time situation is a big thing, but you are teaching them to get out of bounds and to get the ball to the official. That is a big point that sometimes doesn’t get coached enough. As soon as you catch a ball inbounds the ball must go to him because if the ball hits the ground, that is wasted time. We are teaching a lot of things in a short time and to me it is always a great drill.”

Q: How important is it that DE Glenn Dorsey is back and practicing with the group?

HALEY: “I think it is important to get reps, especially for a young guy that is learning a new system. We are still working on getting Glenn into the condition that he needs to be in to play at his best. It is positive anytime you get a guy back who has been relegated over to the other field (with the rehabbing players). You guys are closer than me and it doesn’t look like a lot of fun (rehabbing), which is the idea. He has been working really hard over there and he has been chomping at the bit to get into the action. Quite frankly that is the way we like it. We would like it to be a little more fun to practice than to be on the rehab field.”

twitterQ: How do you feel that you and offensive coordinator Chan Gailey have meshed your offensive philosophies thus far?

HALEY: “This is a learning deal for the entire staff. Sometimes we get caught up in the players, but this is the first time this coaching staff has been together. We are going through all the situations for the first time. We are trying to learn as much as we can as a staff and that means working together. Not just myself and Chan but the offensive and defensive coaches together because sometimes that is what causes a little division when the offense starts competing against the defense, which is natural. They start to look at each other as opponents and I think we have to work together as a staff to be the best we can be. This is a crucial time for all of us as a staff working together and learning about each other. We have a lot of staff meetings and we watch the tape together as a group, which isn’t always the case, offense and defense and myself. We are talking both sides of the ball all the time together in one room.”

06-11-2009, 04:33 PM
Dorsey out of shape??

No way. lol

Pasta Giant Meatball
06-11-2009, 04:45 PM
Dorsey out of shape??

No way. lol

Players rehabbing from injury tend to be a bit out of shape :thumb:

06-11-2009, 05:03 PM
I think EVERYONE is out of "Haley" shape. They might have been fine in last year.... but its pretty obvious that he has no problem calling out guys who are not in the best shape. I don't think he fucks around.

This team will, and better be, in incredible shape. None of this getting tired BS in the 4th quarter.

06-11-2009, 05:04 PM
"Bad things are never good, but we will point them out.”

Damn right you will. I love this new coach!!!