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Frazod won't see this as a documentary, it will be a highlight reel.

Wonder if they'll bother to mention General Order #11, which followed after the Lawrence Raid? That was also a class act.

(Poke bear with stick..... poke bear with stick.....)

Anyway, if you like Civil War history (and border war history) this should be a good watch:

“Bloody Dawn — the Lawrence Massacre” to air on Kansas PBS stations
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GREAT BEND, Kan. | A documentary on the 1863 “Lawrence Massacre” is airing this month on all Kansas PBS stations, and several local actors have roles.

The film “Bloody Dawn — the Lawrence Massacre” examines Quantrill’s Raid, in which William Clarke Quantrill led a rebel guerrilla attack in the Civil War on the pro-union town of Lawrence.

The documentary about the Aug. 21, 1863, attack was filmed entirely in Kansas. It was directed by Kenneth R. Spurgeon and based on a book by Thomas Goodrich.

Several Barton Community College community members got parts in the film, which will air at 7 p.m. June 24.

Barton Community College employee Judy Miller and some of her family members have roles in the film. Miller, who works as a clinical coordinator, is also a seamstress and a history buff.

Miller and her husband Russell play Otis Longley and his wife, who lived on the outskirts of Lawrence and had no affiliation with either slave owners or abolitionists.

But Quantrill’s pro-Confederate gang killed Otis Longley anyway.

The Millers’ son Brandon also appears in the film, portraying a victim whose name is unknown.

The scenes were mostly filmed on weekends or summer schedules to get help from college employees.

Judy Miller helped supply costumes for the film.

Spurgeon has a follow-up film to “Bloody Dawn” in the works called “Black Flag,” about Quantrill’s Raiders.

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Sweet Jesus; someone get me a new set of drawz!