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08-18-2009, 09:19 AM
It aint over until Brett says its over.....Made it overseas. No luggage, no keys to the house thank god for a quality hotel with an open room!

The vibe at Vikings camp: Favre could come back
by Jay Glazer

If I were a betting man, I'd swear Brett Favre would be joining
the Vikings in the next few weeks, or at least attempt to join the team
in that time frame.Wait a minute, I am a betting man. Now,
first off, this is not one of those "FOXSports.com has learned ..."
news scoops. Instead, it's a picture that has been painted for me and a
prediction I'm making after spending my time with Zygi Wilf's squad. My
prediction couldn't be more emphatic.After visiting the Vikings
for two days, I am convinced positively convinced that Brett Favre
will soon have talks with the Vikings to return to the team and could
be joining them for this season after all. If my instincts are correct,
all those purple Favre jerseys will have a home on Minnesota store
shelves.Granted, my camp stop occurred before Sage Rosenfels lit
up the Colts in the preseason opener to the tune of 10-of-13 passing
for 91 yards. And if Rosenfels can continue like this, he could squash
this prediction as the preseason continues.But until I see it
more consistently, I'm absolutely convinced. Why? For starters, because
everyone else on the Vikings seems to be convinced of the same thing. I
mean damn near everybody!During my two days in Mankato, nearly
everyone I talked to within the team talked about Favre joining not as
an "if" but rather a "when."Players, coaches, team employees ...
you name it, they seem to believe it. The case for a Favre-Vikings
marriage seems more likely than not when we look at the overall picture
of clues.Exhibit A) Acceptance within the team that it's pretty much already done. When
I say nearly everyone I talked to on the team is convinced he's coming,
that is not an exaggeration. People from all walks of life within the
organization talk about it as if it's no secret, almost an
afterthought. "I'm telling you it's already done," said one
Viking. "Right after the Indy game (first preseason game). I don't
think anyone here doesn't think that."

Another Viking said, "I don't know if it's done, but I think he'll be in by the third preseason game."If
it happens, when is a good question. While the one source says he
thinks it will happen this week, I don't. If it happens, getting him in
by the third preseason game would have been ideal, but waiting until
the season starts to see if the Vikings starting quarterback falters
could be another route. That way Favre can come riding in on his white
horse.Our humble host of FOX NFL Sunday, Curt Menefee, also made
the trip to camp when I did, and upon our exodus from Mankato, Menefee
brought up how matter-of-fact the issue seemed to be around the club.
Everyone acted as if they already knew something (even if they didn't)
and even Menefee said he was floored by how open it seemed and how
accepted it was as more than an opinion. "It was crazy, it was
like it was accepted as fact ... by everybody," said Menefee during a
conversation while we were en route to the airport. "It wasn't even
like it was a secret. I've never seen anything like it."Exhibit B) Favre has not closed the door on his decision. Those
close to Favre told FOXSports.com he is still contemplating what he
wants to do and is still eliciting advice from people he trusts
regarding his decision. Those sources say his decision either way is
far from set in stone. Favre is still working out (at least
according to what he's told others) and is still keeping in touch with
members of the Vikings via text. If Favre wasn't planning to keep the
door open or planning a full-on return, why would he have indicated
that he would continue to throw and work out? Was that simply to make
sure we all keep wondering and talking about a potential return?Exhibit C) Best available option.Neither
Sage Rosenfels nor Tarvaris Jackson has done anything to make the
Vikings feel either is the answer at quarterback. Jackson had been hurt
this summer, but even when healthy he and Rosenfels have actually been
outplayed during training camp by third-stringer John David Booty. To
listen to Brad Childress, one would think an open door to Favre would
be in order. While I was at camp, Childress was quoted as being unhappy
with the passing game. While he wanted more out of that phase of the
offense, he was quick to point out that the receivers were doing well.
So if the receivers are doing well but the passing game is struggling
... hmmm, who does that leave?

Exhibit D) Favre hates camp. It's far
from a secret that the NFL's version of Lou Gehrig dreads the rigors of
living at a college campus, working out in the stifling sun with a
bunch of kids who won't be in the league in three weeks. If he could
miss camp, he would. In this case if the Vikings would take him back
after camp, Favre gets his wish.I think any NFL jury would award
the verdict to a Favre return. However, while I may be completely
convinced he will at least attempt to join the team now that camp has
broken, the question that now arises: Will owner Zygi Wilf give Favre
the go-ahead despite previously being spurned?Some Vikings
people vehemently attempted to convince me that the Vikings' ship has
sailed to other waters. Childress has said they are fine with what the
Vikings have. But until the final game of this season is played with no
sign of No. 4 in sight, I'm not going to buy it. The Vikings
know they would be a better team with Favre at the helm. But some
inside the organization believe the Wilfs could have been put off by
how Favre Fiasco '09 unfolded. It dragged on past soap opera drama
levels and in the end, they were left jilted at a very public altar. However,
I've got to believe that if Rosenfels and Jackson do nothing to conjure
images of Fran Tarkenton, having Favre ride his mower up to the Twin
Cities will begin to look awfully tempting to the Wilfs. Again, I'm a betting man and if I had to lay a bet down right now ... I'd be willing to bet my farm.

08-18-2009, 09:20 AM
This is getting comical.LMAO

08-18-2009, 09:24 AM
Reports are saying it's happening today and he is on his way to Minny. Fuck, now we are gonna have to endure another off season of this shit.

08-18-2009, 09:24 AM
I think most people called this a few weeks ago. I figured he would have waited until after the 2nd preseason game