View Full Version : U.S. Issues Tax-Payers Should Cover Auto Insurance Costs For People Who Drink and Drive

08-19-2009, 11:22 AM
OK, not exactly. But when Sebelius is on CNBC saying that health insurance costs would go down if the governement AND employers were out of the health care equation (but only if you're under 30) it really underscores one of the points that those opposing Obamacare have been trying to make. You can't cover everyone irrespective of their history. Support for a plan that would provide coverage for all drivers irrespective of their driving history would be laughed at by most. Yet that's exactly what the Dems are trying to do with health care. There's a reason why people with multiple DUIs or traffic violations can't get auto insurance (or have to purchase it at high premiums). And there's a reason why people who have pre-existing conditions that will require millions of dollars to treat aren't going to be able to get insurance (public, private, or other) unless it is completely subsidized -- until, of course, the money runs out and no one is covered.....