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Tribal Warfare
08-22-2009, 02:01 AM
Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly (http://www.kansascity.com/sports/chiefs/story/1398212.html)


Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel found wide receiver Dwayne Bowe in the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown in the second quarter. It was Cassel’s first touchdown pass with the Chiefs, and Bowe made a tough catch in traffic — which coach Todd Haley has said is the kind of catch that Bowe should make every time.


For the second consecutive week, Kansas City’s defense erased some early optimism by allowing a long scoring drive. Minnesota traveled 92 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter, and running back Adrian Peterson looked unstoppable on the drive, rushing for 35 yards. The Chiefs ignored tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the end zone, and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson didn’t miss him.

What we learned

Cassel is capable of moving the offense, doing something four consecutive times Friday that he couldn’t do once last week against Houston: get the Chiefs past the 50-yard line. But if Friday was an indication of the challenges Cassel will face in 2009, Kansas City’s offensive line will cause him plenty of headaches. He was sacked once in the first half, and had to scramble far too often.

Next question

Was Friday an aberration, or will the Chiefs again have trouble stopping the run? Kansas City’s pass rush and coverage appear to be improving, but the run defense struggled against Minnesota. Part of that is because Peterson is a young star, but the Chiefs need to either be able to stop those running backs or slow the rest of the offense.

The hot seat

Not that the Chiefs possess the depth to consider an overhaul, but anyone on the first-team offensive line should consider Friday a reminder that the unit is a long way from forming a reliable wall around Cassel. On one series in the first quarter, the line gave up two sacks and was whistled for a false start and holding.

Stock watch

Going up

Linebacker Corey Mays has filled in so well for the injured Zach Thomas that the Chiefs might reconsider whether a healthy Thomas is the best player to line up beside Derrick Johnson on the inside. On Friday, Mays pressured Brett Favre and chased his backup, Jackson, hardly making for an easy evening for Minnesota’s quarterbacks.

Going down

Second-year lineman Barry Richardson started Friday in place of veteran Damion McIntosh at right tackle, and it wasn’t a pretty debut. He was beaten twice during the Chiefs’ first possession and was replaced in the second quarter by McIntosh.

Holding steady

Talented but inconsistent Bowe didn’t start Friday, but he did enter the lineup on Kansas City’s second possession. That should signal that Bowe has improved since last week’s demotion to third string, but he hasn’t made such an impression on Haley that the coach is willing to give in and start him.

08-22-2009, 02:53 AM
poor barry richardson


08-22-2009, 03:00 AM
I was concerned with Barry but did not know much about him beside college career. Most yelled for him on here. I think he was ok but not a starter and that is sad when McSuck is ahead of you.

Maybe it is me but how can you be a starter in the NFL with legs smaller than mine? WTF!