View Full Version : Chiefs To the great people of Kansas City

09-21-2009, 11:32 AM
Went to my first game at Arrowhead yesterday, drove 8 hours from Indiana. Just wanted to say what a fine city you have, and everyone I met was just super nice. We got to the parking lot at 9am, and everyone around us was really nice. Seen some really cool tailgating stuff in the parking lot.
Everyone around us in the stands was nice as well, although there was a couple of stupid raider fans, almost seen 2 fights in the stands break out just because raider fans couldn't sit down and shut up.

Even while leaving the game, I didn't see any Raider fans being harassed, and that's actually cool. Cuz I've been to Cincy and Indy wearing Chiefs red and been heckled, and hell we lost both times.

Thank you KC and hope to make this trip an annual thing!