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WEEK 2 - Chiefs 10 vs Oakland Raiders 13
WEEK 2 - Chiefs host East Bay Convicts
VENUE - The New Arrowhead
WEATHER - Overcast, but warm
SCORE - KC - 10, OAK - 13

This was about as ugly a loss as I can recall in all my years watching this team. They "dominated" (in the sense that they were less statistically awful) the woeful Raiders. But they continued to make stupid mistakes, and shoot themselves in both feet. "The Toddler" (h/t to Chappy) needs to direct some of this week's tantrum at himself. What was that fire drill at the end of the first half? Why, on 4th and 1, in the final seconds, with 3 timeouts and near field goal range, did he call a five-step drop pass play, and get his QB sacked? There were forced throws, stupid penalties, blown assignments -- this team is not playing smart, they are playing scared. The difference is what we saw, yesterday.

The unveiling of the $60 million Quarterback of the Future didn't follow the script. Matt Cassel threw a few good balls, used his legs to get out of trouble a few times, showed some toughness. But he also threw two awful interceptions, let himself get sacked, by holding on to the ball too long, and failed to find wide-open receivers. In his defense, he spent much of the overcast afternoon running for his life, and his receivers didn't always help. There were far too many dropped balls. Still, Bowe and Wade, in particular, did make some plays. Wade had an immediate impact with 6 catches for 72 yards. The running game showed up, for the most part, with Johnson leading the pack. And this was the best use of running backs in the passing game I've seen out of the Chiefs in years, with Savage and Johnson both gaining over 40 receiving yards. That's a great way to neutralize a team like Oakland, with a vicious pass rush. The offensive line looked somewhat better - especially in running plays - but after a clean game last week, this week's bug-a-boo was the penalty monster. The right side of this line needs to get a lot better before Cassel can be fairly evaluated.

These guys can really put on a show for three-and-a-half quarters! They kept the awful JaMarcus Russell completely confused. Although, I think you could accomplish that with shiny objects. Is this big oaf not the worst quarterback bust since Ryan Leaf? Oakland's vaunted running game was stifled. In fact, four of Oakland's five first-half posessions, and 7 of their 11 posessions in the entire game, were 3-and-out. But it wasn't enough. There were at least three chances to pick off Russell that the D couldn't reel in. Sure, they recorded two sacks, but one of them probably cost them the game, when the appropriately named, Wallace Gilberry (I can't improve on that for a big, dumb lug), sacked Russell by spearing him, and drawing a personal foul penalty that took it from fourth and long to first and 10, on the drive that ultimately led to the winning touchdown. The corners look good. The run D looks solid, but the intermediate and middle pass coverage is a gaping black hole in this defense.

Took a step back. Punting and kicking were fine, but in the Raiders, we saw the best punter and kicker in the NFL. Lechler's punts went 60 and 66 and 70 yards -- with 4.5 to 4.9 second hang times. That is just insane. Seabass seemed to put every kick off nine yards deep in the end zone. Our guys are OK, they aren't like that. Coverage was generally fine, except for the bone-head mistake by Monte Beisel to let a perfect coffin-corner punt roll harmlessly over the goal line. Not the stuff of legend.

Donkeys: Smacked around the pathetic Browns. The Donkeys scheduled more early cupcakes than K-State used to.

Criminals: See above

Bolts: Found out that, yes, the Ravens are that good.

DOG: This was tough. There were so many to chose from, but "The Toddler" Haley has to stay on the porch tonight. The clock managment at the end of the half and play calling at the end of the game were killers.

BONE: I have to give it to Bobby Wade. On four days practice, in a completely new system, he was the leading receiver, posting over 70 yards.

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NEXT WEEK: The Griefs need to keep their puppies at home, as they go to play the Eagles in Philly on the week Michael Vick gets out of the commish's dog house.

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