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Tribal Warfare
09-24-2009, 11:15 PM
Cassel will continue to compete for his job (http://www.kansascity.com/sports/chiefs/story/1467737.html)
The Kansas City Star

The world of a starting quarterback regularly reveals all manner of new and interesting wonders to the Chiefs’ Matt Cassel, and he can now check another off his list.

After making one start for the Chiefs, last week’s 13-10 loss to the Raiders, Cassel has already been left hanging by coach Todd Haley, who declined to commit to his quarterback for the long term.

Haley continued to insist he will treat his quarterback just like any of the other players who have to continually prove their value to keep a starting spot. So in addition to carrying the weight of what has been a sluggish offense, Cassel has to worry about his job security, too.

“I hope he’s in my corner,” Cassel said Thursday. “I’m in his corner. It’s one of those things where I don’t know what was said. I don’t read the papers. I don’t do anything. I don’t really get involved.

“But he’s been consistent all throughout the entire offseason and the entire year that he wants to create competition. That’s what it’s about. That’s fine with me. I’m ready for the competition if that’s what he wants to make it.

“I do feel like Coach is in my corner and he’s been very supportive of me throughout my entire time here. We’re just trying to get better and move forward.”

Haley said he has no intention of making a change at quarterback and all he was doing with his comments was reserving the right to do so if he feels backup Brodie Croyle is capable of playing better than Cassel.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Matt Cassel right now gives us the best chance to win,” Haley said. “I will stay with what I said, that if that ever changes, I’ll stand with what I believe in and that’s to put the guys out there that give you the best chance (to win).”

While the situation doesn’t qualify as a torrid quarterback controversy, it bears watching. Haley is a rookie head coach but has been an assistant coach or offensive coordinator with three teams that have made quarterback changes.

Most notable was last year at Arizona, where the Cardinals benched Matt Leinart and his fat contract in favor of veteran Kurt Warner.

For his part, Croyle is playing the part of supportive backup.

“Matt’s the man,” Croyle said. “They brought him here to be that. There’s no controversy. When we get our chance, we’ll go. But otherwise, it’s Matt’s team and we’re in full support of him.

“He knows this is his team. He knows he is the quarterback of this team, and I know what my role is right now.”

Haley joined the Chiefs in February and quickly determined that too many of their regulars felt comfortable in their jobs despite the fact the Chiefs won six games over the previous two seasons.

He’s since tried to create competition for jobs at all positions, quarterback included. He insisted publicly after the Chiefs traded with New England for Cassel and even after they signed him to a lucrative, long-term contract that quarterback was an open battle.

Few people bought into that. Only now is he being taken at his word.

But by refusing to strongly support Cassel, Haley is acting contrary to the statement the Chiefs were trying to make when they signed Cassel to the new contract, that he is the quarterback the franchise will build around.

Despite Haley’s comments, the contract will buy Cassel some time as a starter, though he disputed that notion.

“I don’t think a contract has anything to do with it,” Cassel said. “I think they’re going to play the best person out there. Obviously, I think they feel I’m the best guy for the job. Otherwise, going into the season, I wouldn’t have been offered what I was offered.

“To me, it doesn’t come down to contracts. It comes down to me going out and giving 110 percent and putting forth my best effort and getting wins. That’s what it all comes down to each and every week. I don’t put any added stress on myself. I don’t feel I have to press every week. I’m just going out and playing football and trying to give my team an opportunity to win.

“Your playing takes care of itself. It was the same thing last year. People started asking me questions at the beginning of the season: ‘Are you worried about (losing) your job?’ No. I’m just going to go out and continue to do what I’ve always done and that’s work hard, study my plays and be ready to play on Sunday.

“If you do that and you’re prepared to play on Sunday, you go out and normally the outcome is good.”

Hammock Parties
09-24-2009, 11:17 PM
So in addition to carrying the weight of what has been a sluggish offense, Cassel has to worry about his job security, too.

Oh, please.


09-24-2009, 11:21 PM
He has played one game, coming off an injury. Leave him the fuck alone.

09-24-2009, 11:23 PM
Maybe Teicher will come on here and 'splain himself.

09-24-2009, 11:25 PM
it just occured to me that our 3 qbs have one(1) combined win.....

Tribal Warfare
09-24-2009, 11:53 PM
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When the Haley and contract questions came around his mannerisms dictated that he thought it was all bullshit and just structured ploy.
You can take it two ways confidence or complacency because he did get the big payday.

09-25-2009, 12:08 AM
He hopes that Haley is in his corner.

But more importantly, Cassel has Pioli in his corner. There won't be a QB change.

Lets not forget who's the boss around here.

09-25-2009, 12:16 AM
“I hope he’s in my corner,” Cassel said Thursday. “I’m in his corner. It’s one of those things where I don’t know what was said. I don’t read the papers. I don’t do anything. I don’t really get involved.

Dr. Evil says, "Rrrrrrrrright".

09-25-2009, 12:34 AM
He probably doesn't read the papers. You have to pay to get the KC Star. My dad doesn't even get it anymore. At times if my dad does get it he gets it from the grocery store. I read the Star online. Many people do now. Getting off track a little here but the internet is a huge reason why newspaper companies and the USPS are going out of business/going bankrupt. Anyways, I also doubt Matt Cassel goes home and gets online onto the Star's site to see "Hmm wonder what Teicher and Whitlock have to say about me and my team today?" I mean something may come up at home lets say a players kid will bring something up that other kids are saying at school about what they may have seen on the news, read in the paper etc or friends of wives, neighbors etc. But most players I wouldn't think read the paper to read what some yacks and cant hack its have to say about them.

Now as far as TV/sports/ESPN, when they say they don't watch that, they're lying. Theyre all sports fans. And it's not like they just turn the channel when NFL Live comes on etc.