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Chiefs Discover Culprits in O-line problem
by Bewsaf on Oct 21, 2009 11:15 AM CDT 3 comments

Chiefs may have discovered culprits in O-line problem

Just in. It has been leaked from a reliable source that the Kansas City Chiefs have been doing an in depth evaluation of the offensive line and have discovered a problem. In a stroke of luck we were able to acquire some of the questions and a few of the answers of this in depth assessment. Although we could not get all the answers given and the names of who answered these questions it would appear that the Chiefs are on the track of discovering some issues in the O-Line. Not sure who these players are but I can definitely see a possible problem.


General Knowledge
What does the acronym LOS (line of scrimmage) stand for? Player answers: [1] los...like, we have had a lot of them

What does the term "you got him" mean? Player answers: [1] I don't understand the question [2] can I have Waters help me with this one?

When pass blocking, when do you know the pocket has collapsed? Player answers: [1] as soon as my man goes by me (around 1.2 seconds) [2] when you hear a crunch or slight whimper behind me [3] it is better if you just start blocking for the scramble

Performance Knowledge
When the snap is on 2...when do you go? Player answers: [1] if in the red zone or on 1st down you go on one otherwise on 2 [2] I don't understand the question

Is there ever a designed play where you just don't block anyone? Player answers: [1] yes, I think there is one where I just look left and right quickly like a dumb a#$ and act like there is no one to block

If you are responsible for making the line calls what would you say if you see a blitz coming? Player answers: [1] look out! [2] ohh sh#^ [3] I don't remember seeing the last team blitz

If someone on the LOS goes unblocked for a tackle, how do you think you did? Player answers: [1] what was an LOS again [2] Depends on if it is that one play where I am supposed to just look around like a dumb a#$

When confronting a superior defender using a bull rush technique what do you do? Player answers: [1] yell olay [2] close my eyes and hope I am invisible [3] go limp like the rag doll he is using me as

Math Skills
If you have 4 lineman on the line...how many lineman are there? Player answers: [1] depends on who you are playing [2] I don't understand the question

If a train is coming at you at a rate of 10 yards per second and you are moving at a rate of, say, 1 yard per second...at what point will that train blow by your a#$? Player answers: [1] blow by me...I think it ran over me [2] oh, I understand this question...yes.

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Call me when they post something even remotely humorous.

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Hey, I laft.

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Tough crowd....tough crowd.

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Wow.. I couldn't even finish reading that crap. :shake:

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I would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you darn kids!

Skip Towne
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I didn't understand it.

Pasta Giant Meatball
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Reading the thread title lead to false hopes of Goof sent packing, Nicewang to guard, and Wade Smith to center :)

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I was hoping that they really did finally figure out that they're starting Center and RG are complete crap, but then read it and was immediately disappointed.

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Wow.. I couldn't even finish reading that crap. :shake:

And the congregation said AMEN

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Send this thread to Auschwitz.

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I didn't understand it.

Are you a member of the Chiefs OLine?

And yes, this thread would have went over better if you had posted pictures of boobies. Boobies make everything better.

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WTF kind of a name is Bewsaf?

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Um, that was really bad. Why would anyone post that? I didn't finish reading it, but I'm fairly positive it didn't get any better towards the end...

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Send this thread to Auschwitz.

Completely racially insensitive.

Great Expectations
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WTF was that

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Completely racially insensitive.

You're right; have a Nappy Meal on me:

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Someone's got way too much time on their hands....

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Someone's got way too much time on their hands....

Not so much. I am sure it took only a couple of minutes to get this out. I just hope they wiped afterwards.