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10-23-2009, 04:41 AM
Soupy Sales has died.


10-23-2009, 05:39 AM
Heh... Lumpy and I were just talking about this show yesterday
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Baby Lee
10-23-2009, 06:34 AM
And Howard has his first two hours of Monday's show.

10-23-2009, 07:11 AM
Honestly I thought he died a few years ago. When I was a kid, my dad had a Soupy Sales album that we used to play to death. Funny stuff. RIP Soupy...

10-23-2009, 07:14 AM
Many, many years ago I was a telephone operator and got Soupy on a long distance call.

R.I.P Soupy. You were a funny dude. (Albeit a little weird...)

10-23-2009, 07:20 AM


The man, the Legend, with Soupy...

10-23-2009, 07:35 AM
RIP Soupy. Thanks for the laughs.

10-23-2009, 08:29 AM
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I loved this show when I was a kid.

RIP Soupy

10-23-2009, 09:29 AM
Cool Facts about Soupy:
His parents owned a dry goods store in West Virginia in the 1930's and sold sheets to the KKK.
Soupy's two sons were backup musicians for both David Bowie and Todd Rundgren.
Here's a story attributed to Soupy, but hasn't been proven. Allegedly, he said this on his kiddie show in Detroit in the 1950's:

"OK, Fang, what letter is this?" Fang would grunt something, and Soupy would say, "Very good. And what letter is this?" This continued until they got to f. When Fang grunted his answer, Soupy said, "No, no, it's not k, it's f." They went on to some other letters, and then came back to f. Fang again grunted an answer, and Soupy said in an exasperated tone, "No, Fang, I told you, it's not k. What gives? Every time I show you an f, you see k!"

(A gag that Soupy denies, and Snopes can find no record of having ever happened)

Alice Cooper on the Soupy Sales Show in 1979:
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10-23-2009, 10:01 AM
RIP Soupy .. Kids get into your moms purse and send me all the green paperswith presidents pics on them ... famous Soupy joke ....