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I had to shovel about a foot of snow this afternoon, so I wasn't able to give you guys the heads up. Anyone listen? Anything noteworthy? I mean besides the usual BS you guys make up? :D

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OK. What happened to move it back to Tuesday?

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It was today. You can watch the replay at kcchiefs.com

Skip Towne
11-16-2009, 06:05 PM
The Monday presser is on Tuesday? Is this Catch 22?

11-16-2009, 06:09 PM
Someone directly asked him about the "22 guys off the street" comment. He waffled, and refused to comment upon private conversations.

So that's been confirmed.

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I just finished listening to it. I tell you, I really hope this guy makes it happen here. I like him. They attacked him pretty good today about his "arrogance", and I thought he handled it like a true professional. I hope he makes it. :thumb:

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Great watch.

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Todd Haley Press Conference - 11/16
Nov 16, 2009, 6:32:28 PM


Q: Are you pleased with what you saw from Jamaal Charles yesterday?

TODD HALEY: ďWhen I talked to you yesterday [post-game] I didnít actually know that he had gone over a 100 [yards], but again I think itís all part of the process and Jamaal is one of those guys who has done everything asked of him and has continued to improve. Now he has been put in a spot where heís a bigger part of what weíre doing. Though not perfect, I think youíre seeing strides in Jamaal. Playing in a much heavier role requires a great deal of toughness and a lot of factors that arenít for everybody. He fought through some things yesterday and made some really good runs for us that helped us win the game.Ē

Q: How about the confidence you showed to him late in the game when you couldnít afford to have a turnover? Was that something you were a bit reluctant to do?

HALEY: ďThatís something heís got to work on and that we work on with him all the time. But heís expected to protect it and I wasnít specifically thinking about that. I was thinking about getting a first down. I knew on that second of the last possessions, with two time-outs and four minutes and 30 seconds left, we had to get three first downs to win the game as long as we didnít go out of bounds. We were on our way to two when we got the holding call.

ďI thought Jamaal made a couple of nice runs and I thought Kolby [Smith] had a nice run on the end where unfortunately we had the holding which hurt us. No, it wasnít something I was thinking about. He had a bunch of carries under his belt and was protecting the football. None of those balls that ended up on the ground were specifically Jamaalís fault.Ē

Q: Is that TD run he made the kind of run a lot of guys canít make in this league?

HALEY: ďI think there were a lot of factors in that run. I thought we did a great job on the front side of the run. There were some very good blocks and I thought Jamaal made a terrific cut which not everybody can make. I think that was the key to that ending up being a score. Then Chris Chambers on the back-side had a great cut-off block which we have been really looking for. Weíve had a bunch of runs this year if the receiver could have got to his block it would have been a touchdown run Ė touchdown blocks I call them. Chris got it on that particular play. But the cut that Jamaal made was a big-time cut.Ē

Q: Does he make you look smart on that fourth-down play?

HALEY: ďI said to a couple of our guys after our game thatís what youíre used to. You get in a fourth-and-short situation youíve got a chance to make a really big, big play on those types of plays if you can make it through that initial front. That felt good and felt like it was supposed to feel like. Iím glad the guys got to feel that because thatís all part of growing and gaining confidence and you can make good things happen.Ē

Q: Why is Bobby Wade down for two straight weeks? Isnít he a guy whoís been fairly reliable?

HALEY: ďStrictly roster stuff. Bobbyís a pro and continues to work real hard and I have no doubt Bobby is going to be back up here pretty quick if not this week itíll happen soon. I think heíll be ready. Bobby is part of our plans.

ďAgain, thatís a roster deal. Thatís one of those things that as the week goes on that are the hard decisions. Heís been the last guy every week and itís one of those things of who plays what, who can cover what spots, all those things. Bobby had done an adequate job punt returning and that probably hurt us a little bit not having them.Ē

Q: As youíre learning to be a head coach, do you go on a fourth-and-one this year because you donít have a lot to lose when you might not do in later years, or is it all game situations?

HALEY: ďThis year has nothing to do with it. Yes, Iím learning and all those decisions until youíre actually the guy having to make those on a game basis you learn through experience. As far as nothing to lose, thatís not a factor to me. Weíre trying to win football games.

ďI think it comes down to the game, the ebb and flow of the game and whatís going on and how you feel. As I said, my biggest regret yesterday was the series before kicking the 53-yarder. I was on the head-set telling the coaches, Ďwhy didnít someone tell me to punt?í I really felt that was the one that I should have thought out a little clearer. We had a chance to keep field position in our favor. A 53-yarder, though Ryan has kicked the ball really well, is not a guarantee. I feel like if we could have pinned them there and got the ball back in good field position we could have really turned the ball game.

ďBut thatís all part of the game and learning. Each game is going to be different.Ē

Q: Is that part of being the head coach more difficult than you imagined?

HALEY: ďI had all the answers when I was an assistant. No, itís difficult because ultimately youíre responsible for how they all turn out.Ē

Q: Did you see what happened to Belichick last night? Does that make you feel a little better than what you did yesterday?

HALEY: ďIím worried about the Kansas City Chiefs. We started the third part of the season 1-0 and thatís good. Weíre in the black.Ē

Q: You said you like your assistants input, but it looked like yesterday you were getting after Mo Carthon on the sideline. Do you feel like your assistants feel comfortable telling you, Ďhey, donít do this?í

HALEY: ďHe was getting after me. Yeah, especially Mo is the most important guy I have, no disrespect to anybody else. Heís somebody Iíve looked up to from the first day we were ever around each other. Mo and I are friends and have worked together a bunch, but weíre both very emotional and passionate guys.

ďI think that yesterday came out in a critical situation for us which I think is good. I think that yesterday our staff was the most efficient that itís been top to bottom getting through the game. Itís all been a process for us also. Weíve shifted [coaches] downstairs and upstairs and been tinkering trying to get the right mix. But yesterday I felt like it was our most efficient day as a staff.Ē

Q: Do you wish you had a former head coach as an assistant? Is that maybe a hole on your staff? Do you need a guy whoís been there and one that to help you with some of those decisions?

HALEY: ďI donít think thatís a necessity. Thatís a luxury or bonus if you can have it, but I donít think itís a necessity. I have been on staffs that didnít have a former NFL head coach but there are enough guys on our staff that I really, really rely on and respect their thoughts in all those situations.Ē

Q: You said your emotions come out on the sideline. Why?

HALEY: ďI just think thatís good as long as nobodyís taking it the wrong way or nobody is stewing over it for days on end. I think itís healthy because there is a lot of pressure on all these guys and youíve got to let some of that out. We let it out plenty and sometime it gets caught and sometimes it doesnít.Ē

Q: In the heat of the game that does not cause momentary distractions?

HALEY: ďIíve been told by a professional Iím a crisis personality so I need crisis around me to be at my best. I think it all depends on the individual.Ē

Q: A lot has been made of a comment you may or may not have made that you can take 22 guys off the street and win two games. First off, is that something you said?

HALEY: ďWhether I did or didnít itís private conversation whether it did take place or didnít take place.Ē

Q: But if it didnít take place itís not a private conversation.

HALEY: ďThen it falls into the hypothetical category.Ē

Q: Do you understand why some people would view you and this new regime as carrying an arrogance that hasnít been earned? Would that be a fair statement?

HALEY: ďIt sounds hypothetical. I think Iíve tried to be open and forthright that I donít have all the answers. I feel like Iíve tried to apologize when Iíve said something wrong or inappropriate. Iíve always tried to do that with my players and everybody.

ďThis is a hard job. Itís a big job and Iím finding my way through it. I would hope that nobody thinks that Iím arrogant in going about the job. Iím fighting for my life, to be honest, and thatís the way I feel each and every day.

ďIím trying to get this thing going and trying to be me. Iíve never been characterized as being arrogant, at least to my face that I know about. I try not to appear arrogant in any way because I donít feel arrogant.Ē

Q: Is one part of being a head coach when youíre an assistant is you canít prepare for stuff like this where every action or comment, all your words, are dissected and the camera is always on you?

HALEY: ďItís obviously new. As Iíve said when I got the job Iím grateful that Iíve had this Super Bowl experience under my belt coming into this job because it was a crash course of what was ahead. When itís down to two teams there is a lot of scrutiny on everything that is going on.

ďItís a big part of the job and it comes with the territory and Iíd like to think that every day is an experience that I try to learn from and get better.Ē

Q: Have there been things that you thought you knew that now you know you didnít know as well as you thought?

HALEY: ďYeah, without a doubt. Every day is a new day and every game is a new experience and you try to take notes on, write down thoughts and keep track of some that you can review them. Itís what Iíve tried to do and improve.

ďSince weíre talking about Mo [Carthon], he always makes the statement that the problem of knowing everything you canít learn anything new. I always try to think about that. We donít have all the answers and I donít ever try to act like I have all the answers or even think I have all the answers.

ďItís a process and, as Iíve said a number of times, this is the beginning. Itís not the middle or the end; itís the beginning of this process to try to start building the nucleus of what will be a special team. I feel like weíve been making progress.Ē

Q: If you win nobody cares if you yell at your coaches, but if you loseÖ

HALEY: ďItís a bottom line business, no doubt about it. As we ask the players, weíve got to be professionals about it and canít embarrass the organization or do things that we wouldnít want the players doing. But at the same weíre coaches and weíve got to coach and there are different ways to coach and there is a way that has been very successful for me and fits my personality. Itís been successful for others in this business for a long time. I think everybody just has to be themselves and thatís what Iím trying to do.Ē

Q: What is your thought on the state of the defense and the job Clancy is doing as defensive coordinator right now? Big plays have still been an issue.

HALEY: ďYeah, the long run was not the way we wanted to start the game. I said going in we had to stop the run to have a chance to win the game. That was not a good start but I think some positives came out of it. I think we quickly re-grouped on defense and ended up having a pretty good day.

ďI would say that weíre making progress on defense. I said it last night, weíre still trying to figure out exactly what we are right now and what gives us the best chance to win. But we had eight more three-and-outs yesterday that are signs of playing pretty good defense.

ďAgain, it comes down to the big plays. One yesterday is one too many. You canít give up plays of that length and expect to win too often. Other than that play, I thought the defense made some progress and now weíve got to get back to work and the Steelers and this quarterback is completing almost 70% of his passes. They can move the football and we need to know how exactly to defend the Pittsburgh Steelers.Ē

Q: A good coordinator can adapt. But big plays continue to be problems?

HALEY: ďAgain, weíre nine games into this and I keep saying the word process. Thatís where weíre at and I think as the second half of this season unfolds weíll know a lot more about our team and everybody Ė how weíre doing. I think weíre making progress and there have been adjustments made. Good and great coaches find ways to compete and win with different sets of circumstances. The great head coaches have won with different quarterbacks and different personnel Ė not just the same group. That is what separates coaches.

ďWeíre in that process and I think weíve made progress. Yesterday was a step forward for us as a defense. Now weíll be tested this week and Iím going on a game by game basis.Ē

Q: Are you pleased with the job Clancy is doing as defensive coordinator?

HALEY: ďClancy aside, it is what it is. Weíre 2-7 right now and I canít sit up here and say Iím pleased with any of us, myself included. This is a bottom line business. Itís about wins and losses and right now weíre 2-7 and 1-0 in the third quarter. Iíll never be happy with that and Iíve told all the coaches that. We need to find a way to win games Ė right now. Thatís where Iím at mentally and where Iíll stay.Ē

Q: Do you think this defense is getting better?

HALEY: ďI donít have any doubt that there have been improvements in areas.Ē

Q: Does Jamaal Charlesí rushing style fit your offensive line better?

HALEY: ďI think the fact that all five [offensive linemen] played the whole game was a positive. We didnít have anybody go out. We made it through health-wise. I think every game that those guys are together is helpful. There wasnít any one guy that you could put up on a pedestal, but I thought they fought it out against a pretty good front seven. I would say it was a step forward for us as an offensive line.

ďI think Jamaal ran the ball pretty well and any time you have a guy go over 100 yards thatís a pretty good sign. So, I donít think youíre going to get any complaints from the offensive line when that happens.Ē

Q: Was there any worry on your part going into this game that considering how you were pushing these guys if they didnít get a win some of the guys might turn?

HALEY: ďI think there is always that worry but I think youíre trying to keep things going in the right direction and wins help. I know today they came in early, lifted and ran and were upbeat and excited and thatís what a win will do and it helps affirm to everybody that these good practices are starting to pay off.Ē

11-16-2009, 07:44 PM
Well at least he's talked with a professional. I'd say crisis as a means to rise is a good attribute as long as you're not the one creating the crisis.

11-16-2009, 07:45 PM
I just really like this guy, he is not perfect, but a breath of fresh air.

Chief Chief
11-16-2009, 08:23 PM
Q: A lot has been made of a comment you may or may not have made that you can take 22 guys off the street and win two games. First off, is that something you said?


HALEY: ďWhether I did or didnít itís private conversation whether it did take place or didnít take place.Ē

:hmmm: :doh!:

Q: But if it didnít take place itís not a private conversation.


HALEY: ďThen it falls into the hypothetical category.Ē


Well played, Todd...:clap:...well played...

Easy 6
11-16-2009, 08:27 PM
I just really like this guy, he is not perfect, but a breath of fresh air.

Amen to that Ed.

I'm wearing my 'Haley Brown Shirt' right now... :rockon:

Chief Chief
11-16-2009, 08:27 PM
I just really like this guy, he is not perfect, but a breath of fresh air.

Based entirely on the passage quoted in my recent post above, I cannot fathom how one could extract a breath of fresh air from a dude who is completely full of fresh Raiduhs!!