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11-22-2009, 10:46 AM
nothing new. thought some of you might enjoy and actual NFL column not talking sh*t on the chiefs


2. The Chiefs are headed in the right direction.
I cannot stress enough how much this is a big time boom.

We are not talking about the Rams, Raiders, Browns, Bucs, Redskins or Lions here. This team has the pieces in place for success.

Scott Pioli is one of the elite executives in professional sports. He's done a masterful job accumulating picks for the upcoming 2010 draft. He has found help at receiver, plucking Chris Chambers and Bobby Wade off of the scrap heap.

The team Pioli inherited was awful. Carl Peterson left the well bone-dry. And Herm Edwards as a coach? Let's just say he's much better on television. Kansas City played to win the game under Herm, but they just couldn't do it.

Pioli and Todd Haley have changed the culture and accountability. I loved the move cutting the clueless Larry Johnson, who continued to embarrass himself and the organization.

They have a quarterback in Matt Cassel. Chiefs fans will truly see it when Pioli beefs up the offensive line and weapons around him. But you can see the leadership qualities every Sunday.

I like Haley. And so does Pioli. In talking to Pioli on Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday, the general manager stressed how well Haley has handled the various challenges of this season in Kansas City, ranging from the dismissal of Chan Gailey before the season, to the Johnson situation to Dwayne Bowe's suspension. Pioli loves Haley's drive and passion. And the overmatched Chiefs play hard for four quarters.

Todd Haley brings a fire and a passion to the Chiefs' sideline.

Take a deep breath Kansas City. If you actually pay attention to progress, accountability and the individuals in place running the team, there's a lot to look forward to.

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sounds good. I hope he's right.

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Mr. Laz
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no real surprise ... against teams with good offensive/defensive lines we look like total shit.

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