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11-22-2009, 04:33 PM
So for the past couple seasons, Ive worked every sunday. Didnt get to watch much of the Chiefs, only heard bits and pieces about how horrendous things were going. I never bother with DVR stuff, so I rarely see my team play.

For the first time in nearly 3 seasons, I had a sunday off.

I look at the matchup. Defending champs vs my 2-7 Chiefs who pretty much are unrecognizable to me at this point.

No Larry Johnson (which I initially thought was bad only to be corrected by my buddy telling me I should rejoice...), and the only thing I knew about J-Charles was his 59 rating on my Madden game. No Vrabel and we have this dude named Studebaker making his first start. My confidence is not good.

Then I see that Bowe got suspended for roids or whatever.

So Im looking at this like its gonna be the first game I actually get to sit down and watch in nearly 3 years and its probably gonna be a floor wiping. I prepare myself to only watch the first half and move on to family activities once the game is out of reach.

The first half was pretty well crap. Big Kickoff return got it going and I thought this Charles kid mightve gotten the shaft by EA. But then a total of 47 total offensive yards in the first half set me straight.

But the second half, which I nearly didnt watch but my wife talked me into seeing it out since I probably wouldnt see another game for a long time was much better. They come roaring out, they have offense, they make huge stops, and they force the defending champs into OT, lose the toss and still manage to win the game thanks in part to a receiver I didnt even know we had, Chris Chambers. Hell, last I heard that guys name he was a Charger.

Based on what I see, if the Chiefs had anything resembling an offensive line, Matt Cassel could do for us the same things Trent Green did during his best years here. When given time, those deep throws were right on the money.

The complete and utter lack of pass rush was familiar to me, in fact I havent seen a QB scaring defense since 58 was leading the charge. But when it mattered in short yardage they made huge stops to get the ball back.

Yeah they didnt have Polamalu out there, but we didnt have Bowe either so Im calling that one a wash. Im pretty happy with what I saw, the Chiefs had every excuse to get rolled over, but they didnt. Ben's numbers were pretty sick, but the boys got his ass when they had to.(even if it did take 4 at a time to get him...:cuss:)

Anyway, havent been here in a looong time. Figured Id drop a line in here and give props to the team for playing hard in the clutch against a good team.

It was pretty sweet to see a game for a change, even sweeter that they won.

11-22-2009, 04:39 PM
Good timing.