View Full Version : I STILL Hold My Breath When We Attempt a FG!!!

The Blessed Virgin Larry
10-23-2000, 11:45 AM
Our new Kicker seems just as bad as Stoyo. Every time the Chiefs try a field goal, I HOLD my breath. What's the deal here? I can see why Seattle cut him. Is he still hurt or something? This is NOT good with the next 5 out of 6 on the road!

Lurker Brett
10-23-2000, 11:50 AM
We really need Mia Hamm.

crazy chiefs fan
10-23-2000, 11:50 AM
When we made the switch,I thought the only thing we got in our favor was his age! Peterson had tailed off alot late last year and is only avg now!

10-23-2000, 11:51 AM
I'm still buying the explanation that Peterson's preference for having the ball placed perpendicular to the ground is just weird enough that Sauerbrun is still learning how to do it. Most kickers like to have the ball leaning to one side so that they can get more of their foot on it. I think we'll be OK in a couple of weeks or so, once the two Todds get used to each other.

Ugly Duck
10-23-2000, 11:53 AM
Creates a very uneasy feeling in close games. Last week when we had 25 seconds left, I was hoping we could get it inside the 20 somehow. I am not confident in Peterson attempting anything over 40 yards at this point.

10-23-2000, 11:53 AM
Hey, he's 3-5...a better % then Stoyo at 2-4...that's about the only thing I can say good about our FG...his leg does look stronger than Stoyos and I think the miss yesterday was because Saurbraun mishandled the snap a bit...if you look at the game, after the miss, Gun is talking to Saurbraun not Peterson...look at the play and you'll see that the snap wasn't handled clean...not trying to make excuses...but any reason other than another poor kicker is worth a try...my confidence is not exactly at an all time high when it comes to FGs... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/frown.gif


"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
-Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback and sports analyst

10-23-2000, 12:16 PM
Screw the FG's, go for 7 !!!!!!!!


Sorry the scoring orgy (as Grunhard said) has me on a high today.

Dr. Red
10-23-2000, 12:53 PM
For 30 years, this organization could safely relax if the kicker had less than 48yds to put it thru the uprights. Since 1995, everytime we line up outside of a 40 yder, I have had to pinch my buns in anticipation of a wide left/right. Lately, everytime we line up for 35 yders, I've been getting that same feeling. I think we all were spoiled by the greatness we had at having a HOF'er and probably a 2nd HOF'er kicking FG's for our team for so long. We are just recently (last 5 years) experiencing what the rest of the NFL has gone through for many years - inconsistency and heartbreak.

Here's to hoping T. Peterson can get it "straightened out" the rest of this year so my buns can relax during FG's.

~reminiscing on the days when he'd scream at Lowery for missing a 54 yd'er in a driving rain storm.

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The Blessed Virgin Larry
10-23-2000, 01:17 PM
Man, I like the way you think!

10-23-2000, 01:31 PM
I really don't think that Peterson is much of an upgrade from Stoyo. I personaly would have kept Stoyo, he's won a lot of games for us.