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01-16-2010, 08:18 AM
This is pretty darn amazing. And demonstrates the unintended consequences of bad law, badly written, and not thought through. When Fed Government tells states how and what to spend state funds on and holds them hostage with other funds, bad stuff can happen.

by: Clyde Middleton posted: 2010-01-15 20:24:00

Look at the monster ObamaCare creates. It's cheaper for the states to opt out. This stupid legislation could break the federal healthcare system. From the Heritage Foundation:

If all states withdraw from Medicaid, their collective savings would be $725 billion over the 2013-2019 period, but they would exceed $1 trillion over 10 years. This assumes that states will continue to spend at least 90 percent of what they spend now on Medicaid long-term care services with state-only dollars. On a state-by-state basis, every state except North Dakota would come out ahead financially by leaving Medicaid but continuing long-term care spending with state-only dollars. Of course, if North Dakota reduced its long-term care spending, it too would come out ahead.

The cost to the federal government to replace the state share of Medicaid, however, would be greater than $1 trillion as the entire Medicaid population would become eligible for the new, more expensive federal subsidies for premiums and cost-sharing. Moreover, the states would no longer pay for Medicare cost-sharing or the state "clawback" for Medicare prescription drugs.

Read more at Heritage http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/wm2712.cfm


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