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02-02-2010, 12:44 AM

I've been buying domains for a long time... and this one hit me one night. I then tweeted it the next day, and a partner of Sungard, which is a 5B+ a year business... asked if he could guestblog on it. No site had been put up yet.

So, i said... "whoa." This upper level exec of a Fortune 500 company... made me sit up and realize that I may have a decent domain name.

One of my friends is researching junkie... on tech and all types of stuff. So, I ask him if he would be interesting in co-founding the site. He then went to Gizmodo and Engadget and found 4 of the most intelligent commenters on the sites... And I pulled from my network of people on Twitter.

I then designed a site and put it together in short order. The site is now 5 days old, officially since launch.

Today, we hit Digg's front page with this article:

Ron Jeremy says Pirating Porn is Immoral http://mobilelocalsocial.com/2010/02/ron-jeremy-says-pirating-porn-is-immoral/


Anyway, if any of you are passionate about some area of tech. You can write on it, if you would like that.

Always got room for my Chiefs homies.