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02-16-2010, 03:48 PM

Raiders give Janikowski richest deal ever for kicker

Sebastian Janikowski and the Oakland Raiders agreed on a $16 million, four-year deal Tuesday that is the richest contract for a kicker in NFL history, the team said.

Janikowski will be guaranteed $9 million in the deal, a person familiar with the contract said on condition of anonymity because the team did not announce terms.

Janikowski was eligible to be an unrestricted free agent if the Raiders did not sign him to a contract or place the transition or franchise tag on him by Feb. 25. But the team was able to lock him up by giving him the same contract All Pro punter Shane Lechler got a year ago to stay out of Free Agency.

Janikowski is coming off the best season of his 10-year career. He made 26 of 29 field goals, with his only misses coning from 45, 57 and 66 yards. He made six kicks of at least 50 yards, including a 61-yarder that was the fourth longest in NFL history.

Janikowski also had 17 touchbacks on 58 kickoffs for the sixth best mark in the league last season.

The Raiders used a first-round pick to draft Janikowski in 2000, making him the first specialist in 21 years to go in the first round. Janikowski did not emerge as the game-changing kicker owner Al Davis hoped for at the time.

He missed 10 field goals as a rookie, and connected on only 76 percent for his first three seasons. But he has been very consistent the past two seasons, making 41 of 44 kicks inside of 50 yards. He became the all-time leading scorer in team history in 2008 and has 1,000 career points.

The Raiders have traditionally done a good job keeping their own free agents. They gave record deals last February to keep Lechler and star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and also gave a big deal to keep defensive tackle Tommy Kelly in 2008.

The focus now turns to defensive lineman Richard Seymour. Oakland traded a 2011 first-round pick to New England for Seymour before last season. He had four sacks, but two of the them came in the season opener.

If Oakland cannot sign Seymour to a long-term deal by Feb. 25, the team is expected to use the franchise tag to keep him for next season. Seymour, a five-time Pro Bowler, would be guaranteed $12,398,000 with a franchise tag.

That's a lot of beer.

02-16-2010, 03:49 PM
He doesn't need anymore food.

02-16-2010, 03:50 PM
Dude can kick.

02-16-2010, 03:51 PM
Can you imagine how bad they'd be without him and Lechler? Fuck. Pay those guys.

02-16-2010, 03:52 PM
ROFL. Raiders continue to make people laugh.

Sofa King
02-16-2010, 03:55 PM
i actually think this is a good move...

you need a kicker who can kick 60 yard field goals when you can't get into the end zone..

02-16-2010, 03:55 PM
Shoulda never gave them Polaks money.

02-16-2010, 04:02 PM
At least he deserves the money Al is shelling out for him, unlike 50% of the Raider's team.

02-16-2010, 04:03 PM
Well, he is their best 1st round pick of the last 10 years.

02-16-2010, 04:04 PM
Hopefully it comes out of their fat QB's bank account.

02-16-2010, 04:06 PM
Considering they used a first round pick on the guy, they had very little option, because you can't let that kind of an investment walk...

02-16-2010, 04:08 PM
Well, he is their best 1st round pick of the last 10 years.


God, yes. ROFL

Hammock Parties
02-16-2010, 04:38 PM
If you could guarantee me a given kicker would have an All-Pro career, I'd give him that money as a rookie. It would SO have been worth it to the Chiefs these last 20 years. So I don't see this as dumb at all.

02-16-2010, 05:00 PM
Holy shit. I did not realize they drafted a kicker in the first. Holy shit.

That's worse than the new guy in your fantasy league drafting Tony G. in the second round. I know, because that new guy was me when I was 14.

Holy shit. Al Dav-...... Holy shit.

02-16-2010, 05:02 PM
Can he play QB?

02-16-2010, 05:04 PM
Can he play QB?

Better than Russel? Yup.

02-16-2010, 05:05 PM