View Full Version : Obama The O takes it to the max. Not a good move.

03-02-2010, 07:01 AM
Will go to reconcilliation...bad for dems who allow it, horrible for the senate for the future and a disaster for the country.

Obama to speak Wednesday on health care reform

WASHINGTON (AFP) President Barack Obama on Wednesday will lay out his plan for pushing through healthcare reform legislation, a key priority of his administration, his spokesman said Monday.

"The president will speak on this later in the week, likely on Wednesday," spokesman Robert Gibbs told a press briefing. But he did not immediately elaborate.

On Friday, one day after a bipartisan meeting on health care reform that yielded no breakthrough Gibbs said Obama would have news on his strategy this week.

After months of wrangling, the House and the Senate adopted different versions of a reform bill late last year but they must be combined into a single piece of legislation for Obama to sign into law.

Obama is widely expected to announce that he is prepared to use a process known as reconciliation to force a bill through Congress against Republican objections.

This process would require the House to pass the Senate bill.

It also would require the Senate to vote on a revised version of the legislation after the House has a chance to make changes to it.