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04-21-2010, 08:44 PM
Holy dancen sweet patunias on the line my back hurts!!!!!

Been slinging tape in this coustom house I started yesterday, just a small shack, 5200 sq floor space, 12 rolls of tape, and 8 box's of mud later I have the sucker taped in, (well except for the 32ft main entrence ceiling).
(theres actually a pic of me taping on my web site towards the bottem on the right i'm in my stilts)
<FORM class="commentable_item autoexpand_mode " onsubmit=";var d = document.documentElement;return d.onsubmit && d.onsubmit(event);" method=post action=/ajax/ufi/modify.php ajaxify="1">The contractor thinks i'm nutts to take on such a house single handed,
He comes in today around 3 as i'm finishing up and say,,"crew leave eairly?"

I just laughed an in my own sweet Newfie way I said "Da lard tunderen jezzus me son, either wipe out the tape fer me, or gets da **** outa me way B'y der's only da tree of us ear' Me, meself, and I"

btw I DO NOT use (or for that matter like) automatic taping tools in my custom work or homes, EVERYTHING by hand, just like me pop, and his pop did.
Just a shit box to load mud on the tape, pull it through by hand, dump it in a 3 gal pail I have on a harness which hangs around my neck, lay the tape, turn around and wipe it clean.

A day and a half (3.5 hrs yesterday, 6 today)to lay 12 rolls of tape by hand, a personal best for me :)

Tomorrow I start jamming on the 162 corner beads.
53 of them are in the coffered kitchen ceiling alone :(

Did I mention my back hurts?????

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