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04-26-2010, 04:39 PM
Thoughts on the Chiefs draft

I'm probably not as down on the Chiefs draft as a lot of fans seem to be. I'm puzzled, like a lot of you, by some of their moves and apparent neglect of certain defensive positions, but I also believe in drafting good players because they are always useful regardless of position.

Here are my thoughts on the Chiefs draft, pick by pick.

Safety Eric Berry, first round: I was a Berry fan before the draft and advocated his selection by the Chiefs, so you know how I feel about this pick. I had somebody tell me Berry would be the best Chiefs first-round pick since Tony Gonzalez. While that's not necessarily a huge endorsement, Berry will live up to it. He will make the Chiefs a better team.

Slot receiver Dexter McCluster, second round: I like the Chiefs thinking in terms of offensive playmakers. But this pick reminds me of the second-round choice of Kris Wilson in 2004. Now, McCluster and Wilson are far different players but in each instance, the Chiefs said in essence that the offensive coaches were smart enough to figure a way to make these players work. A bright offensive staff couldn't find a way to make Wilson any kind of factor. I'm wondering whether that will be the case with McCluster.

Nickel back/kick returner Javier Arenas, second round: You'll recall I selected Arenas for the Chiefs here in this blog when I was going through their picks before the draft. So you know I like this pick. They needed a dynamic kick returner and Arenas was one of the best available in the draft. While he may never become a starter, the Chiefs expect him to be a solid nickel back. Nickel backs play half the snaps in the modern NFL, so the Chiefs can get good use from him.

Guard Jon Asamoah, third round: The Chiefs haven't done a good job of drafting and developing offensive linemen. Other than Branden Albert, the Chiefs haven't found a productive lineman in the draft in many years. Asamoah has a good chance of going against that trend and it doesn't matter to me that he will be a guard or center and not a tackle, as it does to many Chiefs fans. The Chiefs will need a new starter for the interior of their offensive line by 2011 and Asamoah should be that guy.

Tight end Tony Moeaki, third round: Watching the Chiefs tight ends last season was painful. Nobody would have looked good there after seasons of Tony Gonzalez but this was painfully bad. It doesn't have to be with Moeaki. He's a risky pick because he hasn't been able to avoid injuries. If he can in the NFL, Moeaki will be able to help both when the Chiefs pass and run.

Safety Kendrick Lewis, fifth round: Normally, I'd think of Lewis as a developmental prospect, having been selected so low in the draft. But the Chiefs obviously didn't think much of Jarrad Page last year. They also would prefer Jon McGraw be more of a special teams player and less of a safety. So while I'm not predicting early playing time for Lewis (it's difficult to picture the Chiefs going with two rookie safeties), I'm not dismissing the possibility, either.

Linebacker Cameron Sheffield: A team can never have too many pass rushers and Sheffield has that potential. If the Chiefs can eventually get that out of him, this will be a good pick.

Submitted by Adam Teicher on April 26, 2010 - 10:28am.

the Talking Can
04-26-2010, 04:43 PM
that's half hearted praise

he compares our 2a to kris wilson, and concedes our 2b is projected to never become a starter....

04-26-2010, 04:46 PM
Debbie Downers don't rah rah